What is pu leather?

for the production of high quality goods: garments, shoes, sports equipment and accessories, all kinds of covers, purses and toys in recent years actively used pu leather.Due to the excellent high-tech features, this material is becoming more popular among consumers of different categories: from retail to wholesale.Full simulation of the texture of natural leather allows the use of this material is practically everywhere.Externally, it practically does not differ from the natural material.

What is leather pu?This modern, breathable and eco-friendly synthetic material capable of creating serious competition to their natural counterparts.Unlike leather, the material:

  • reliable and durable;
  • soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • not fade or crack under the influence of adverse environmental impact;
  • not deformed by heavy loads when used as upholstery or fabric for sports equipment;
  • does not absorb moisture.

In the civilized world, a growing number of environmentalists are protesting against the killing

of animals and the use of their skins to make various articles of clothing and items.Therefore, many well-known brand-name manufacturers have found an ideal alternative.Used pu leather received the most positive reviews, because the rich variety of colors, shades and unusual textures and patterns, enables designers to realize the most original ideas and projects.

Following the production of clothing and footwear, pulled and other industries.The use of this material to create a low-cost but high-quality items of mass consumption, made possible because pu leather meets all the performance requirements and thus has a relatively low price.We have long been accustomed to have everyday things made of artificial leather: shoes, we put on every day, leaving home, jackets and coats, gloves and bags.In the apartments or offices, stores or shops often present interior, the creation of which was used pu leather.

Most manufacturers of upholstered furniture used this material in the manufacture of sofas, armchairs and chairs.The quality and aesthetic appearance of the finished products satisfied the most demanding customers, as pu skin remains intact during the entire period of operation.

This material is used in the production of almost any sporting equipment: different balls, punching bag and gloves, athletic shoes, bags and protective guards for athletes.

Now products labeled ¬ępu skin" can be found in virtually every category: leather goods, shoes, clothing, furniture, sporting goods, automobiles.

alternative to natural leather, has established itself as a solid, high-quality, durable and inexpensive material, and rightly enjoys great popularity among consumers.