Sander: variety and use

Grinder used to the product surface became flat and smooth.Basically, the device shown is treated wood.On devices running multiple basic operations: chamfering and sag, rounding, calibration and alignment surfaces.

There are several types of processing devices: a combined disc grinder, a tape drive and tape-polishing machine.The first type is used for finishing and rough machining, alignment angles.The set can be supplied two laps.This unit can be fixed and portable.

As for the second type of device, all actions are performed on them with tape.Skins are usually sold in rolls that are cut into strips of desired size.Moreover, they may have on the surface of large or small abrasive grains, and a solid abrasive material Coating or partial.Presented machines can also be divided into several types.

example, the belt sander can be both narrow and wide sandpaper.If the device works in the narrow lanes, it has the following features: on the unit can be attached to one or two tapes, the supply can be mecha

nical or manual, for flat material processing can use a free tape.The procedure is due to the movement and ironing table, and they are moving in different directions.If

grinder works for a wide band of abrasive, it can calibrate the workpiece thickness and to make the flat parts of panel processing.It works on the following principle: utyuzhok presses the abrasive strip to the material and starts to move.All dust, which is obtained by grinding brush is automatically cleared.

Sander mnogoagregatnogo type is a union, and Wide uzkolentochnogo properties.However, such devices are used in industrial scale.

Of course, before you start any device must be inspected for damage or defects, as well as adjust it.If the unit is large enough that it should serve a few people.

Another type of processing units is a grinding and polishing machine.It is used for processing a stone.The action is carried out by means of grinding mechanical type.Moreover, the device also presented can be classified into several types:

- gantry units - powerful devices with which are ground very hard and durable stone, the portal can move or stay in place;

- bridge devices are used for handling stone slabs;

- toggle machines are used for grinding small elements of stone products.

You can also select fixed, portable and combined units.And there are special polishing machines, which are used for sanding the edges and ends of different products.