What exercises should be done to remove the stomach

beautiful, flat stomach and waist - it is perhaps the most common desires of women wanting to lose weight, because it is the body responsible for the feminine figure.A couple of extra kilos in the buttocks can attract the attention of men, but of excess fat in the waist area of ​​the not exactly say.

In this article we will try to answer the popular question: "What exercises should be done to remove the stomach?"

But before you consider an important point: only one exercise for this area - not a guarantee of weight loss.You can only lose weight in general, and to really make beautiful waist, you need to approach the issue comprehensively and do not just exercise for the stomach, but also those that contribute the most rapid reduction in weight of the entire body, and it is running, exercises for the legs and buttocks.Of course, without tightening the muscles in the right area, we can not do, in fact one of the reasons flabby sagging belly is the low local muscle tone.

How much can remove belly


impossible to give a clear answer to this question - it all depends on the intensity of training and the degree of neglect of the abdomen.In any case, the score goes on days, at least for weeks, or even months.Subject to exercise every day, proper nutrition and physical activity high on the whole, the owner of a small but lose tone tummy will see the first tangible results in two weeks.In addition, many women are asked: "How can I quickly remove the stomach?"and keep in mind: "How can I make a flat stomach, like a certain model?"It is not always possible.Physiology at all different, and in some women it will still be slightly convex.In any case, if he is in good tone, supple and taut, it will look very nice, even if not perfectly flat.

to remove belly fat, you need to:

1. Strengthen the press.And the banal swing press, will not be enough.We need to work out all the muscles of the abdomen.

2. Do exercise to burn fat.If you do not pay attention to it, you will get a great news, that simply can not be seen.

So, what exercises to do to remove the stomach

1. Stretching the stomach.It can be done lying down.Lie on the floor on his stomach, lean straight arms on the floor, pull the upper body, keeping your feet on the floor.Drag the body up and slightly back.

2. Standing or sitting, hands in the castle at the top or at the back, follow the inclinations of the body.Watch the hips - they must be fixed!Slopes can perform forward, backward, sideways, to perform a circular motion.This simple exercise allows muscles and stretch and strengthen them.

3. Lying on the floor with your knees bent and lower alternately lift the pelvis, and fix it in the top position for a few seconds.Usually beginning Account to eight.This exercise strengthens not only the press but also buttocks.

4. Upgrades feet from a prone position and lifts the body 90 degrees - this is probably the most famous uprazhenniya to strengthen the upper and lower abdominal muscles.Be sure to include them in their weight loss program, but is not keen on.The press can actually be pumped, but just do not lose a single gram of excess fat and belly bulging remain the same, as was only to become very hard.

5. Exercises to strengthen the obliques: lying on your back, bend your knees and heels Abut the floor.Hands pull close to the body, putting their hands up.Now, keeping your heels, thigh and one hand on the floor, connect your palm.Alternately, do the exercise on one side, then the other.

Such amount of strength training for weight loss stomach enough.

What exercises should be done to remove the stomach?- Take on arms belly dancing

not necessarily seriously learn belly dancing, if you have a soul does not belong to this kind of art.But to take many elements can be, because they contribute to the well deep study of the muscles, thus providing a stretch.This is the belly, like a Eastern dancers, considered to be the sexiest not overinflated, not too thin but resilient and harmonious.So, a few exercises.

1. Starting position - standing.Stay steady, feel that your feet as if stuck to the ground.Follow straight back and neck, but do not tighten them.At the same time you need to slightly relax the knees and a little bend.Now draw in the abdomen, thigh lifting upward (not forward).Try to perform this movement, working only the muscles of the abdomen.Then, push the hips down.The upper torso must be stationary.If you do this exercise carefully, it will be sufficient to eight repetitions.Similarly, you can try to make a move her hips up and down the sides.Note hips move in a plane up and down, but not to the side.If we combine these movements turn out very nice rotation of the hips, which is called internal.

2. turn towards.The starting position is almost the same: a stable position, straight back, but better to straighten the knees.Follow twisting hips.Note that it must move the hips, not the sides, as is often the case with beginners.

3. shaking.With the habit it will be difficult, but they can learn to make any girl.Relax your knees, hips maximum relax, feet steady, back straight, dreamy look in the sky.Slowly (slowly at first) to move her hips to the side.Gradually accelerate.If you start making a quick shaking, and suddenly inexplicably stopped, then relaxation was insufficient and the rate is still too high for you.Do shake as long as possible.Even if you stop, take a breath, exhale, tighten your abdominal muscles sharply, then relax and continue shaking.

Finally, a very effective way to get a nice tummy - a hoop.How to twist it to lose weight?

Remember, the wider the feet are located, the easier it is to do the exercise and the less effective it is.Try to twist the hoop with your feet together, and you will understand the extent to which the powerful can be this simple exercise.But these difficulties and are not required: put your feet shoulder width apart or slightly narrower.Spin the hoop need at least 15 minutes without interruption two times every day to get really fast results.In any case, a continuous torsion should last no less than ten minutes.Calorie consumption increases substantially after the first 20 minutes of training, so if time permits, you can twist the hoop and half an hour and an hour - with a hoop is impossible to overdo it, as is the case with strength training.Of course, the time depends on the type of the hoop, if a massage, then 15-20 minutes seem like much.

So, what exercises to do to remove belly fat?The minimum power, maximum aerobic, stretching exercises and flexibility.Perfectly suited intense dancing.And of course, you need to pay special attention to proper diet, because a piece of cake postponed primarily on the stomach, and "gone" out last.