Common name.

from the classification of nouns common name - perhaps the simplest category.

just had and determination.In fact, the common name - words that indicate people, animals, objects, abstract ideas and concepts.These are not words that mean the names of people, places, countries, cities, and so on.. These nouns refer to a type of proper names.

Thus, the country - a common name, and Russia - the proper name.Puma - the name of a wild animal, in this case, the noun cougar is a household name.And as the name of a famous company that produces sports clothing and shoes, Puma - a proper name.

In the first half of the last century, the word "apple" was unthinkable in the use of a proper name.It was used in the original meaning: that is, apple, fruit, fruit of the apple tree.Now, Apple - and its own noun and common noun.

This happened after an unsuccessful three-month search for a suitable partner for the company name, when, in desperation, the company founder Steve Jobs decided to name it in honor of the be

loved fruit.The name has become a truly iconic American brand producing tablet computers, telephones, software.

Examples of common nouns

Choose examples of common nouns have no difficulty.Let's start with those around us everyday items.Imagine you wake up in the morning.What do you see, opening her eyes?Of course, the alarm clock.Alarm Clock - a subject that wakes us up in the morning, and from a linguistic point of view - a common noun.After leaving the house, you meet a neighbor.On the street a lot of hurrying people.You notice that the sky is overcast.Hop on the bus and drive to the office.A neighbor, people, sky, office, bus, street - common names

types of common nouns

The Russian language common name divided into 4 main types:

  1. specific concepts (people,animals, objects, plants).This refers to objects / persons in the singular: a student, neighbor, classmate, dealer, driver, cat, mountain lion, house, table, apple.Such nouns can be combined with the cardinal numbers.
  2. abstract concept.This type of abstract nouns with abstract meaning.They may represent the phenomenon, scientific concepts, characteristics, status, quality of peace, war, friendship, suspicion, danger, kindness, relativity.
  3. Real nouns.As the name implies, these nouns denote substances substance.These may include medicinal products, food products, chemicals, construction materials, mineral resources: coal, oil, oil, aspirin, flour, sand, oxygen, silver.
  4. collective noun.These nouns are a collection of individuals or objects consisting in unity and belonging to a certain conceptual categories: midges, infantry, foliage, native, young people, people.Such nouns are used usually in the singular.Often combined with a lot of words (some) little: a lot of mosquitoes, few young people.Some of them may be used in the plural: the people - the people.