How to start your day, so it was a success?

How to start your day, so it was good?This question is of interest to many people who do not like morning.And who of us loved him?After all, I do not want to wake up at 6:00 to go to work or to study.Much better to stay at home and enjoy the bed.But just need to wake up, so you need to know how to start your day.Otherwise, your life will be like a horror story.

Minute bliss

to a good day, start it properly.It is not necessary, as soon as you open your eyes, jump out of bed and run to the kitchen to make coffee or go to the shower, soak a few minutes.Enjoy these beautiful moments.

more oxygen

Once you get out of bed, open the windows, let your home be filled with fresh air.I feel that the city has already begun the day, hence the time for you to be engaged in the important things.

«the smile will brighten all ...»

Remember Me smile.Even if the street rain, and the sun hid behind a cloud.Smile as if you know in advance that this will be a great day, today you will find only the good.

Think positively

Try not to load the morning itself superfluous thoughts.Do not think that an urgent need to finish repairs, that favorite son torn pants.After all, this morning, you did not decide, so ponder just what is happening now.For example, how fragrant smells of freshly brewed coffee or sandwiches beautifully made your loved one.Think about pleasant things.

Council physicians

before breakfast drink a glass of pure water (it is possible with a lemon).This procedure is recommended by doctors.So you run the stomach, also helps the body in the process of purification of the body.

not lose the rhythm!

While you will be collected, including music, the songs that you like.So you are thinking much faster and more interesting.If you love to sing, then start singing along.You dance - then you can pay attention to this task.After the dance you definitely boost your mood, to make you interesting "exercises."

God help!

There is another way to start the day well.You can ask for help from God, to the saints.This can be done simply.Prayer at the beginning of the day will help you.After reading it, you will feel a surge of strength, which means that today you should go fine.


Just before necessarily kiss and hug loved ones.So you share with them a part of tenderness and warmth, they will tell you the same.

Kindness will save the world!

How to start your day right?Of course, a good cause.If you go to work or school and saw a stray dog, make sure you treat her with something delicious.You on the road met a poor woman of advanced age - give her some money.If you are traveling by car, and your neighbor as you see, rushing, then ask him to give him a lift.

Minute joy

the working day should be enjoyable.It is not necessary, as soon as you come into the office, immediately begin to work, sit down, relax, have a cup of your favorite tea or coffee with a piece of candy or chocolate.Due to such enjoyable activities you relax and with new forces begin to work.

Conclusion Now that you know how to start your day, so he brought only positive things!Be happy, because you deserve it!