Why dream of cats and kittens?

Of course, we are all different from each other in character, world outlook, and experience plays an important value.Our day is filled with absolutely different events, and hence the resulting emotions as a result will be quite different.No wonder that, returning home at night and lying down in bed, we are after all what happened during the day we see a variety of night dreams ...

Why dream of cats and kittens?This question is very common.And when I myself once again took to find an answer about these lovely creatures that are in the nightly dreams, I decided to study information more thoroughly.

As it turned out, what dream of cats and kittens, can not be explained in a few words.It all depends on the color of one or another animal, how it behaves and what you feel at the same time.

Why dream of cats and kittens.General information

In general, a cat in a dream has always been considered a symbol of a different kind of problem.The latter, as a rule, had to come from the inner circle sleeping:

relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues or business partners.Son warns of greed, deceit, hypocrisy and treachery.

Kittens dreamed?Not excluded minor troubles.The situation is aggravated even more if the cat in the night dreams will feed their babies.This dream will almost certainly mean the expected impact on reputation, unexpected betrayal of a close or the occurrence of a huge number of problems, and from very minor to serious.

unfavorable period in different spheres of life will come, if in a dream, you will see only the lovely, from your point of view, the cat, and the presence of the kittens will only be implied.

Finally, a point with which I strongly disagree, and do not even bring myself to imagine such a role - to kill or throw it in the trash kittens.Although it sounds cruel, the dream just is favorable and indicates that all the troubles will soon be over, the vagaries of fate can be easily overcome, and the white stripes and supportive is not far off.

Why dream of cats and kittens.It's all about color

As you may have guessed, this dream - a harbinger of far good experiences, success and joy.However, try to remember what color were dreamed animals.

Black - alarm, symbolizes not just failure, but the real machinations of enemies and detractors.And often in the subsequent problems come precisely from the person that you think almost best friend.Bad news should be expected if inter alia the animal still skinny.

the whole interpretation of the white is not always clear, because this color scheme at the same time can mean innocence, sanctity and purity, and on the other, on the contrary, infinity and emptiness.Dreaming kitten snow-white?Try to be careful!There is a very strong likelihood that someone is insidiously trying to drag you into a prepared trap, and thus on the need to use a sleeping all the available wisdom, intelligence and intuition.

redhead kid warns against hypocrisy and lies, and the gray "advise" to maintain neutrality in their actions and temporarily take any action.