Dream Interpretation: what dreams rotten teeth?

Why dream of rotten teeth, that means the dreams associated with them?If a man had a teeth - which means that he may be ill, or will have to deal with restless personalities who, through their activity certainly vzbudorazhat it.When a person loses a dream of teeth - it is unfortunate.If the tooth dentist pulls out - coming a serious illness.Rinse or brush your teeth - will soon have a lot of work to achieve the goals and keep happy.Knocked out a tooth - it means the enemy intrigues against the man.Why dream of rotten teeth?In addition, it is worth closer to concern the health - maybe people are too strained at work.Such a dream, of course, is not considered favorable.He promises a trouble, which may include the failures of their own hopes, plans, perhaps even illness or poverty.

If you fall in a dream one rotten tooth, you should expect is notorious.Two - come a whole series of bad luck provoked its own negligence.Three - will be very big trouble.And if a person in a dream loses all teeth at once, soo

n expected to be very big trouble and even disaster.

In order to determine the value of these visions is to look into the dream book.Why dream of your teeth?They can be a sign of an approaching quarrel with friends and possible spiritual experiences, as is likely to be a scandal because of the betrayal.

Why dream of rotten teeth if they are diligently cleaned the doctor and it turned out that they are still yellow and sick?This means that people trust their interests and work to someone who is actually dishonest, traitor, and scoundrel.Just like a dream - a certificate that the person to whom it is a dream, very tired.Many wonder about what dreams rotten teeth.This dream can be a harbinger of what a human being soon deteriorates.Then we must pay attention to their health.

If rotten teeth dream in a dream, it is not only a warning about the deterioration of the body.It is likely that soon the person will experience unpleasant event that will knock him out of the long track.After this vision need to quickly change the situation and to avoid contact with people who are not very pleasant.

Sometimes a man dreams of his teeth in his sleep in perfect condition - white and perfect.And this is the rare case when the dream promises something good.Maybe soon there will be new friends and happiness.Or to execute some secret desire.Why dream of rotten teeth, if in his eyes for a moment they become snow-white and clean?This means that the sickness or problems that people now experiencing are temporary.And soon they will leave.

If a man pulled himself in a dream one tooth and lost it, and then looked for a long time in the mouth cavity and found that such a dream is considered a harbinger of unpleasant and unwanted meeting with a specific person.However, this meeting is not only a place, it also will be continued, very successful, and the owner will receive from sleep this situation pleasure, even despite the sidelong glances of his friends.