How to pray

First, let's define what is prayer?Namazov called prayer commits a devout Muslim, which is held every day for five times and turned to Allah.The first words of namaz can be seen in the Qur'an, by the way, very often, but mostly it refers to the evening prayer, which takes place at sunset - a kind of cleaning procedures for every Muslim.In fact, prayer - this is one of the five pillars of Islam, so prayer five times a day is a must for a Muslim believer.Thus except compulsory prayers, which are called "faryz" there are also "nefeli" - voluntary prayers.So, how to learn to do the prayer?This will be discussed further.


Before tell you how to do the prayer, I would like to tell a legend that tells the story of the meeting of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad in the Night of Ascension.This festival is known to every Muslim, no matter where in the world he was not.The legend says that Allah has for those who preach Islam first set of 50 prayers a day.After complaining about this Archangel Jabrail, t

he Prophet addressed the same request to the Almighty Creator, and reduced the number of prayers to ten.But after the archangel Jebrail advised again to ask God to facilitate the duty of prayer, Muhammad spoke to God again and again.As a result, the number of obligatory prayers reduced from ten to five.

According to legend, the first person of the Muslim faith, which made prayer, and became the best Mohammed and his mentor in this case was the Archangel Jabr.The venue of the first prayer called the Kaaba, which is located in the Holy Makkah.Since then, the kind of prayer has not changed.

five time prayers

Each of the five daily prayers has its own name, and done always at the same time.Thus, the first morning prayer (Fajr) should be done in half an hour, as the dawn.Second midday prayer (iyle) is made after 13 hours after the first.For two and a half hours before sunset by third prayer (ikende).The fourth evening prayer (ahsham) do after sunset and a half hours.Last night a compulsory prayer that Muslims call yastu can make during the time preceding the Fajr Fajr.At the same time forbidden to pray at sunrise, zenith and sunset, as according to the Qur'an - it is the worship of the sun, but not God.

Terms namaz

So, learning how to make prayer.In order to perform prayer must follow some basic conditions:

  • is mandatory before making prayer to do the ritual ablutions;
  • In no case do not drink alcohol, drugs and medicines, as it affects the perception of the world - Muslim must be in a sound mind and memory;
  • place for prayer is obliged to differ purity;
  • clean clothes with no floors below the ankle - is the key to successful prayer;
  • when making prayer person praying should be directed to the Qiblah or the Kaaba;
  • a Muslim must make a commitment to pray, or otherwise, Niyat.Therefore, before doing namaz he should say about this word.

process namaz

The entire process consists of several prayers rakagatov, the number of which must be divided into two.Rakagatami called Sunnye ceremonies, during which read out verses and verses from the Holy Quran, and perpetrated belt (rakugo) and earth (sezhde) bows.All this is done on the prayer rug, which Muslims call namazlyk.This prayer must look to the point to which he pressed his forehead during the next bow.Religion refers to this point of the ear of God.That's what the Almighty hears all that his prayers tell sinners.

In order to understand how to make prayer need to be a true Muslim.You must grow in this environment, accustomed to it from childhood.An adult for the first time faced with namaz, it is very difficult to penetrate into these ceremonies term centuries.