How to clean the sofa?

Net sofa - the guarantee of health.But not always possible to keep it in its original form.Over time, the materials wiped shape collapses, and the color fades.And the question arises, what to do - buy a new or cleaned old?However, not everyone knows how to properly clean the sofa, so resorted to the first option, which is sometimes quite expensive.

First of all, you must decide what kind of material used for the upholstery.If you can not identify yourself, use the internet.

Velour material is difficult to clean.He prefers a dry cleaning, as well as the tapestry.But if there is in the house animals that can climb on the couch - then we need to choose a unique means so simple microfiber coat will not be easy to remove from the surface.

suede material easy to process chemicals and can even be washed, most importantly, do not overdo it.This is the most versatile of all kinds of upholstery, however, it is not always durable.

How to clean a leather sofa, even non-economic man knows: soap dissolved in w

ater in a circular motion with a soft cloth to wipe the surface.No hassle and specialized funds.For best results, as often as possible should be vacuumed with a brush, then wipe once again be required.And if there is a cleaning vacuum cleaner - is doubly good.

Also, you can often hear the question of how to clean the sofa, if izrisoval children.Well, if it's skin, then you have to stick to the place where the visible trace of the pen, tape, flatten it thoroughly.After a few minutes to pull out and wipe with a damp cloth.

If the sofa covered with other materials, should choose tools that remove ink or felt-tip pens, with a little acid composition (aggressive agents could damage not only the couch, but the human body).After them, be sure to clean the normal damp cloth to chemical solutions are not left on the surface.

Cleaning the upholstery of the sofa if it spilled liquid

skin quite choosy various juices and drinks wine, so once there was a spot, it is necessary to do its removal immediately, otherwise then it will cost you considerable trouble.First of all, we had a paper or cloth that they have absorbed moisture, and then wet a soft cloth with a weak solution of alcohol and gently rub.

stains left from the beer are removed by conventional solution of soapy water.However, if the smell is not passed, you can mix 3 large spoons of vinegar in 1 liter of water and soak the place.This is best done with a sponge or soft cloth, but in any case not just pour on the sofa.

question "how to clean a sofa" can be solved with the help of steam, if any.Such a method not only takes the dirt from the surface, but also destroys all harmful germs and sofas mites that can hide in the mother.

Although many do not use a variety of means and methods, thus remains faithful to the call of experts on cleaning the furniture in the house.Oh, they do know exactly how to clean the sofa without any harm to the body and interior appearance of the subject.It is sometimes even very useful in the sense that such services sometimes involve reshaping the soft tissues.Unique equipment allows for a few minutes to destroy dried spots and stains, odors output and return the original appearance of the furniture.

Therefore, if the sofa together to do cleaning, - evaluate their strength.Professional practices, though more expensive, but more efficient.