As used calendula tincture acne.

Calendula tincture - it is a very accessible means of treatment.It has long been used not only for oral administration, but also for the skin and hair.Due to its amazing properties that calendula has antibacterial properties that can fight inflammation and heals wounds.Complementing its action alcohol, from which she did.Therefore alcoholate calendula is the best medicine for the treatment of acne.

Acne on the face can appear for different reasons, but mostly because of malnutrition and skin cleansing.In any case, the new education in the face of calendula tincture removes acne.Alcohol dries the skin, so you need to carefully handle pimples, only the pimple.You can moisten and reddened skin around it.If lubricated spots 2-3 times a day, they will soon disappear.Calendula relieve inflammation unichnozhit microorganisms and helps restore the skin, and the alcohol will dry acne.Women with oily skin can be wiped his face with a napkin dipped in tincture of calendula.

Try to prepare other means, the mai

n component of which will be calendula tincture acne.For example, in a glass of boiled water to dissolve the honey and calendula tincture to 2 tablespoons.So lotion can lubricate the face 2-3 times a day.If acne is small, you can add the honey and calendula tincture applied to the sore places.Infusions should be a little more than honey to be able to moisten the cotton wool in the solution.

From cream liqueur made from acne.To do this, add 20 grams of Vaseline couple of spoonfuls of calendula tincture.So use the cream every day - and eventually pimples disappear.

mask in Cator includes calendula tincture of acne, is made from wheat flour.Dilute it with tincture to get a lot of, like thick cream, and lubricate the face with a thick sloem.Esli skin is very dry, dilute the composition with water, it will prevent over-drying alcohol.This mask absorbs excess oil, kill bacteria and relieve inflammation.Mask hold 15 minutes, then remove the cold water.

to severe acne and acne nagging can prepare more effective means on the basis of calendula tincture.It add salicyl alcohol and boric acid (about the same amount of all the components) and 4 levomitsitin tablets.Well dissolve and stir.Several times a day, this means burn spots.

it possible to cook at home is an effective means of skin care as calendula tincture of acne?

The cut flowers of calendula folded into a jar of alcohol or vodka.100 milliliters of alcohol taken 20 grams of flowers.Closing the lid jar put in a dark place for two weeks.This is a traditional recipe of tincture.

But you can cook and a special remedy for acne, which treats the most advanced cases.Calendula have to insist on alcohol, diluted in half with cologne.The finished tincture add a little boric alcohol and 3 milliliters of glycerin.

Treatment of acne on his face - employment is quite troublesome and long.In addition to external resources need to monitor the food and cleanse the body of toxins.This will help you again calendula tincture.Taking 10-15 drops of tincture three times a day, you can help your body to adjust metabolism and cleansed of toxins.