What are they, Viking tattoos?

modern world is too boring, because scientific progress leaves less room for miracles and magic.Many people are addicted to the history and culture of the disappeared peoples and civilizations.It is no wonder that Viking tattoos are so popular.How do they look like and what is meant?

Who were the Vikings?

Vikings called the ancient Scandinavian peoples inhabiting the northernmost part of Europe.Today this territory occupied by Sweden, Norway and Denmark.There is evidence that the Vikings were very advanced for its time, a nation with a rich culture and a lot of lessons.Unfortunately, detailed information about the traditions and character classification to the present day is not reached, there are only general knowledge about the beliefs and lifestyle of the people.It is not known just for certain whether Viking tattoos are popular in ancient times.However, most historians believe that master the technology application of long-term patterns in the body of the population could Scandinavia.

main characters

The word "Viking" most inhabitants imagine a tall bearded man in military armor and a helmet with horns.But in fact, the majority of this nation preferred to wear comfortable and warm clothes, without unnecessary ornaments and frightening elements.Very popular among the Vikings used a variety of mythical characters.It crosses, weave whorls and knots and designs the whole of them.Look at the Viking tattoo (photo) - one of the most popular characters - triskele (tripod).It is a powerful magic sign, consisting of three helices having a common origin.It is believed that this symbolizes the unity of the forces of nature and natural balance.

Popular sketches

Modern Viking tattoo - a picture of soldiers, sometimes even entire scenes of battles, traditional weapons, ships and Celtic patterns.An interesting detail - the person warriors are usually carried out with harsh expressions or steel serenity and wisdom of the ages.Do not forget about Norse mythology.Along with mystical characters and deities are often portrayed Valkyries (maiden-warrior).Especially popular subjects in which they carry the slain soldiers in the realm of the dead - Valhalla.Popular and all sorts of monsters, mythical creatures.If you believe the archeological finds, this symbolism is not uncommon on the flags of ships.Combined with traditional tattoos Viking images of birds and sea waves.In complex sketches, each of these characters has a special meaning.Perfectly complement the style of the modern art of tattoo runes.

And whether they themselves Viking tattoo?

precise evidence that the Vikings massively decorated their bodies with ornaments, no.However, based on some of the legends and stories extant, it can be assumed that the Scandinavian nations really know how to give tattoos and gladly used this skill.And if the current value of a Viking tattoo - is power, commitment, courage and bravery, the Vikings themselves certainly put a tattoo applied in another sense, if at all, did it.Magic and mysticism were present in this nation around.The Vikings gave their ships special names that were supposed to protect them from drowning and unsuccessful battles, carried out a variety of rituals, coaxing gods and mystical creatures.On the basis of this we can conclude that the most likely representative of the ancient peoples wished to have a tattoo on their body-image or guardian of an important sign for themselves.