The energy from the vacuum generator of free energy

Vladimir Vernadsky - an outstanding thinker and scientist - argued that there is no vacuum, that vacuum is not devoid of any substance and is a very active area of ​​intense energy.Modern physics experimentally confirm that the energy of the vacuum is an inexhaustible source.The vacuum at the quantum level is the "bottomless sea" of virtual particles constantly passing into the real state.

One of the supporters of the theory of "power vacuum" was an Austrian physicist, engineer and inventor in the field of Electrical Engineering Nikola Tesla, were of the view that the energy of the vacuum is unlimited in its amount.Previously, scientists believed that this theory does not correspond to the first law of thermodynamics, or the law of conservation of energy.The vacuum separating the galaxies in the universe, at the same time is the greatest reservoir of energy.

Today, in connection with the study of "dark energy" - the phenomenon of the expanding universe, the scientists all over the world is an iss

ue of how the energy of the vacuum is formed.According to the NASA space satellite «WMAP», 75% of the universe consists of "dark energy," or power vacuum created antigravity field, repulsive galaxies in different directions.None of the existing theories of today does not explain "dark energy", along with the fact that there are numerous experimental evidence of its existence.Scientists claim that the energy of the vacuum is the most important issue of modern physics, because the answer will determine the fate of the entire universe.

Scientists believe that by combining observations of cosmic microwave background data to place agents in the universe can be determined "dark energy" and the density of matter in the universe of content.Albert Einstein's famous equation relating mass with the energy E = mc², suggests that the vacuum energy has mass.It says that it has a gravitational effect on the expansion of the universe.But along with this, the effect of the vacuum energy is the opposite effects of the substance.Matter slows the expansion and, ultimately, can finally stop it and reverse.As for the "dark energy", it is, on the contrary, promotes the expansion.

Today energy is spent finding more than one third of the global budget.Every year a huge amount of fuel burned, amount to billions of tons.This process polluting heavy metals, and oxides of nitrogen and carbon.But these costs can be significantly reduced by introducing a generator of free energy, based on using the resonance effect.This invention is not new, and in some places have long been used effectively.However, its mass will deprive income source incarnation entire industrial sectors and will forever change the established way of life of all mankind.The first to apply the resonance effect in transformers, creating in them the power of millions of volts, was the Nikola Tesla.It is practically proved that the use of AC devices without the use of resonance - is worthless and blasphemous power consumption.