Construction of the "A" to "Z": geodetic works

If you remember the adage, each representative of the stronger sex in his life must necessarily give birth and raise a child, to plant trees and build a house for his family.However, if the first two cases the majority of the world's population do not cause any problems, here's the last is not so simple.After all, to build a building, one desire is not enough.It is necessary to have a large amount of knowledge in the construction and allied sciences, particularly in geodesy.

Concepts and terminology

One of the most important stages of preparation for construction - geodetic work.For their performance made special drawings of the main project.The purpose of such work - to consolidate the terrain and planned high-rise location of the main points of a building structure.The subtlety of execution of the work lies in the postponement directly on the ground, on the "nature" of all the necessary angles, distances and permissible height difference.

geodetic works are carried out in three stages, if t

here is no unforeseen linings:

  • submitted in the first stage and the main axis of the fixed facilities under construction;
  • is broken exploded - submitted and attach separate axes of some construction elements of the future structure;
  • geodetic work completed partitioning the axes to set required for further work process equipment.

methods of

to produce a breakdown of the entire right, you need to consider a number of factors.Consideration should be taken geometric parameters of the object under construction, the location of the points that make up the geodetic network, the presence of types and kinds of measuring instruments.Basically, geodetic work is performed by methods such as:

  • accounting polar and rectangular coordinates;
  • installing casement, angular and linear serif;
  • installation serif mixed type - Lumi-corner, casement-line, etc..

The simplest implementation of surveying is considered taking into account the way of rectangular coordinates.Naturally, for use at a construction site must be construction axes to construct the system and calculated.They provide an opportunity to break the project and exploded into account many of the key nuances in the main building.It should be remembered that before the breakdown is necessary to make special acts and make them drawings and diagrams alleged stakeout.

use of geodetic works in construction

Geodetic work for construction carried out strictly in accordance with the basic rules and regulations.The key can be considered the following provisions:

  • all measurements and calculations in the construction process should be done as accurately as possible, possibly saving money and equipment.Geodetic framework should be presented in the form of a grid, in which special characters are fixed basic geodeziopunkty indicating the position of the construction site on the real terrain;
  • the conduct stakeout obligatory binding to the terrain and other stroyobektam GeoNetwork;
  • all work related to the breakdown must be carried out strictly according to the plans and drawings, as a basis for which they were taken, and the general construction master plans stroyobekta.

Stake should be made strictly in the specified time, in accordance with the stages of construction.