The basic rules of behavior in the street

Etiquette - the science is not easy, not for nothing is it written many books and magazine articles.From an early age small children instill good manners, teach behavior at a party, in public places.Much depends on the parents, they must first be educated themselves and serve a vivid example for their children.

Guidelines on the street for children should be developed and adhered to, not only children but also their parents.Children - a reflection of the adults, so you should watch closely for a walk so as not to do that themselves forbid their children.

most important thing - to constantly repeat and rehearse with the kids the rules of safe behavior on the street, it will ensure that the response to the serious situation it would be.Each time, crossing a road, ask a child blurts out how it will move it.Repeat traffic rules and go on a zebra, if there is no traffic light.

also explained that in the crowd may be people who may need help when crossing the road.The child should know that older peop

le and people who are difficult to overcome without the help of other road there, and he had to give them all possible assistance, if he sees these people in the crowd before proceeding.

Few know that the rules of conduct on the street shows a man with all its sides.It was on the street we meet strangers to us humans, and they are the most objective critics of every person of good breeding.Strangers we do not know, as opposed to friends and acquaintances, so judged solely on appearance and actions.So before you go out, take a good look in the mirror, and from there you have to look neatly dressed man.If this fall or winter, all the buttons on the coat should not only be sewn, but also be of the same style and do not differ from each other.Shoes should be washed and cleaned, if the structure allows fabric on the shoe.In general, there should not be that you will attract disapproving glances.

Many girls and women are not indifferent to the stockings, therefore, to avoid confusion, it is worth to buy and carry in a handbag replacement stockings, as any clue will be able to spoil the most preppy look.

Rules prescribe the street not to eat food while you are walking.Firstly, it is not culturally, secondly, is harmful to health.Eating should be in designated areas and is not on the run.Also, there is a moment that in a crowd, you can inadvertently damage the food as his clothes and a nearby person.Educated people will never allow such cases.

Guidelines on the street also dictate that you can not talk loudly and actively gesticulate when talking with someone.A conversation between two or more people on the street must wear almost intimate, such a conversation should not distract and attract the people around them.Rules of conduct in the streets is strictly forbidden to sort things out, it is not only paints the conflict, but also make people passing by feel uncomfortable.Creek may just scare them.

Outside always think about others and about themselves, you always have time to think of the house.