What if there is no sound on the TV via the HDMI-cable is connected to the computer?

For movie lovers, modern technologies provide opportunities to comfortably watch your favorite movies.Yes, you can use for this purpose and a computer monitor.However, if you have a modern, widescreen LCD LCD or plasma TV, then the temptation to turn it into an extra monitor will be great.The more that this task is feasible.

monitors and televisions: advantages and opportunities

computer and a TV connected using cable, specifically for this purpose.This will not only get more pleasure from entertainment (movies, games, Internet), but also to work.The screen of the television set will become the "magic wand" for owners of compact electronic devices: tablets, netbooks.Two high-tech device, connected together, allowing, for example, view movies in HD or Blu-Ray, photographs, slides, work on the Internet.However, when connected can be technical glitches.One of the most common and frequent problems - there is no sound on the TV via the HDMI-cable connections.Consider options for how to cope with the ta


Connectors and Cable

Before connecting, it is necessary to both devices off and disconnect.This is done in compliance with safety regulations.The computer and the TV is practically similar to the slot intended for the HDMI-cable, and are located on the rear of each device.In the PC power cord is inserted directly into the video card, there are other options.For example, it can be connected directly to the motherboard, and the connector is located next to the USB-ports.The cable can have a different length.At both ends of the same connectors.When buying, you can choose not very expensive in China.However, if you intend to run large files and watch high-quality video (for example, in the format of 3D), you will need the more expensive and high-quality cable.Suitable HDMI version 1.4 or higher.When connecting may be some difficulty.Before proceeding to the problem when there is no sound on the TV via the HDMI-cable, consider another important question: circuit variants.To ensure a comfortable viewing personal video library on a new LCD or plasma TV, it is necessary to take into account where the receiving device are arranged slot cord.For TV that hangs on the wall, purchased cable with plug, which is located at an angle of 90 °.If not enough ports, if required coupler.Switcher will help through one port to connect multiple devices.

Image Adjustment

Before you set up the sound through HDMI, you need to adjust the image on the TV screen.Initially, the PC and the TV connected to cable, DVI, then HDMI.The screen will display "Cable is not connected" or "Weak Signal".Additional settings are available via the remote.It is necessary to press the "Power" and to define the device transmits a signal.It appears on the TV menu, it is necessary to select a port that is connected to the computer.Next to "Adjusting the image" on the screen to the optimal resolution.Sometimes, when you configure the connection of two devices, you must adjust the incoming sound to the TV via HDMI-cable.Keep in mind that it goes through both video and audio.Therefore, when you set up may fail.

Sound Settings

done all the above steps, you can display an image from your computer to your TV.However, there are times when you connect failures.The problem of how to connect the audio through HDMI, may occur if the drivers are not installed on the video card (as a rule, they are installed to drive is purchased with the computer).To check is to look into the "Device Manager" in "Control Panel".There will need to select the cursor "Sound, gaming and video device."The list is necessary to click on the line indicating the sound support in HD.When will connect the TV to the computer, the device will change the status to "Ready".According to it, you need to right-click and choose from the dropdown menu "Set as Default".

Other errors when connecting

When configuring the image to the optimal resolution, which corresponds to the characteristics of your TV model.Now you have a great picture on the screen, but can not lose the sharpness of the question that there is no sound on the TV via HDMI.How can it be solved?Use the mouse to click on the button should be "Start" menu, select "Control Panel."In the setting of the parameters of the computer go to "Hardware and Sound", then click "Sound."If your computer does not exist, then you need to click the mouse on an empty space.The drop-down menu, select "Show connected devices" or "disabled items".In the need to choose the name of the brand of TV.Now it should turn on and turn off unnecessary device (ie computer).For the last operation need to click the right mouse button on the button labeled Realtek, and the pop-up menu to select "Off".In the same way we proceed with the "dynamics".If there is no sound on the TV via HDMI, enough to do all the steps above, and then, of course, you can enjoy watching videos in full.