In what appears illegal business activities

Unfortunately, it happens that in the search for additional sources of income, people resort to unlawful methods of work.With some it happens because of ignorance of the laws of business, for other such activities become a professional occupation or way of life.Today, during an active business development, a violation of his right to receive fairly widespread.

This concept is not determined directly, but it is easy to understand by the reverse, considering the category of business activity.It is, by law, is a proactive activity that lead citizens to obtain benefits.One special feature is its business conduct on behalf of the individual or by the organization of the company (legal entity).The second sign is that people do business, organizes and leads the work at your own risk.The acquisition of the status of the entrepreneur is a legal act of the initial work and the absence of a registration of a business entity or institution acts in violation of the existing legislation, which qualifies as illegal

business activities.

law clearly prescribes all activities that can not be attributed to entrepreneurship: grazing, craft activities, lease of property for a term of not more than 5 days per month and others.All other ways of generating income without employment paperwork or registration of business are considered to be illegal business activities.

In layman may think that the law provides all that find loopholes in it and do illegal activities practically impossible.However, practice shows that the illegal business activity is not something supernatural.But most of the episodes happen when such grief-owners absolutely frankly wonder how it was possible the competent authorities to establish a violation of the law.It turns out that for this there are numerous technical and statistical resources.Consider some examples in the framework of specific activities.

carting based on the fact that the source of income comes from the existing property rights in the minibus, in which it carries passengers, for example, abroad.It goes without saying that it is carried out without proper registration, money for transportation is not taken into account, the information to the tax authorities do not seem to.Already this one seems to be action, there a whole bunch of offenses that constitute the concept of illegal business activities.

Driving - is an activity where natural persons at the request or the request of another person "fetches" the car from abroad and sells it without paying this tax - is also illegal business, the Criminal Code, under certain circumstances, provides for strict liability for the presentoffense.

At this time, received widespread conduct various activities over the Internet.An individual places in any resource (online) information about the sale of anything with delivery.As a rule, such a product is delivered without the required documents as a commodity, and the service.In this case, claims are made first to the courier, and then an entrepreneur, if they are not the same person.And the same actions, but where are the goods as money (for example, foreign exchange, investment in non-registered funds, etc.), qualifies as illegal banking.

person who starts doing business, it is important to firmly grasp that for violation of existing rules legislation of the Russian Federation provides for liability.And if these violations are repeated in nature, involve the application of a large damage to citizens and / or the state, then get rid of administrative or penal sanctions fail.The fact is that the illegal business has jurisdiction over all branches of the law, and it is quite natural in view of the wide nature of this phenomenon.