Chickens hens.

markedly in recent years the thrust of people to a country life, stay in nature.In this regard, are mushrooming dachas, gardening partnerships develop.Some people deal with their small plots of land to make a profitable business.And then people's memory back to the time-tested agriculture.Now it's called business.And the most common and burdensome livestock is poultry.Hens laying a joy, the contents of the power of retirees and intelligent young people.Moreover, the demand for clean poultry products is growing, and such exciting activity can be the beginning of serious business.

laying hens

On a small plot usually contain layers in deep litter.Chickens layers, the content of which allows them to move freely, are healthier.

litter can serve as peat, sawdust, shavings or straw.Litter is usually laid a thick layer before planting a new batch of birds for the entire period of her detention.This method of care has several advantages: the winter to heat the chickens litter, labor costs for service signi

ficantly lower.Sometimes add a little grain litter disposal to stimulate the hens that they actively loosened it.Some poultry contain their hens in cages or mesh floors.Changing the litter once every 12 months, and during the year it is added periodically.

Craftsmen improve ways of feeding and watering, arrange original feeders and waterers.

Chickens hens do not require multiple feeding, enough to do it twice a day, as the food used dry complete feed.Some owners feed the chickens wet mash.In this way, you must pay special attention to clean feeders regularly to remove the remains of forage, feeding troughs to wash, clean and dry them.


One of the most common in the egg laying hens are towards Leghorn.They are mobile, endowed with lively temperament, always looking for insects, fodder, small pebbles.

In some areas, as a result of cross-breeding with local Leghorn hens breed was bred white Russian.Chickens hens of this breed have inherited a good egg, meat excellent taste quality.Known Orlov breed chickens, the origin of which little is known.It attracts fanciers their elegant plumage.In deriving old Pavlovian Russian breed used were local varieties of chickens.

Hens hen - a cross of highly productive breeds that provide a standardized egg.They have good young safety.Terms home monastery contributes to the egg production, which is extended with the contents of the home up to two years.For hard-working people who care about wildlife, breeding hens - fun.