Bar psi, and - the tire pressure.

All owners of wheeled traffic - motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists - you have to follow the tire pressure.For each type of vehicle has a range of optimal pressure, which, among other things, can be found on the labeling of tires.

most often have to deal with the units of either bar or psi.Pressure in inches per square meter (psi) is used for marking the tires produced in England and America.Ba r- unit for measuring pressure, adopted in European countries, including ours.It is almost equivalent to the technical atmosphere.

Most modern gauges has a dual scale, on which you can see at a glance the pressure in bar and psi.There are electronic gauges for motorists, they selected the desired display mode.But handedly translation psi in bar and back have to do quite often, since there are no gauges every motorist.

For a single calculation is sufficient to use the equation:

1 psi = 0.069 bar

1 bar = 14.504 psi

accuracy of three decimal places is usually not required.In many sources you can find t

hat 1 bar ~ 15 psi.But the higher the pressure, the larger the error in the calculation according to this approximate equality.Therefore, multiplied by 14.5 - the best option.

Translate from bar to psi pressure can be and with the help of special electronic gauges, which are sold in stores for motorists.But if such a device is not present, and the transfer of units in psi, bar and back need to exercise frequently, it makes sense to make a table.The garages are tables with values ​​in step 1 and 0.1 bar, or 5 to 15 psi.And if you have access to the Internet, the easiest way to transfer the value to the search engine using a calculator.

errors in measuring

tire pressure quite strongly temperature dependent, so the pressure gauge will be different in the warm and cold seasons, even if the same amount of gas pumped.The tire is heated and during the drive, from the friction of the road surface.

measurements typically conducted "Cold-formed" when the car drove no more than 3 km at low speed or stood for at least 2 hours.When the condition is not able to comply, on the need to take readings obtained 0,3 bar ~ 4.5 psi.The pressure measured in winter and summer, can differ much stronger: with decreasing temperature for every 5 degrees Celsius readings are reduced by 1 psi.

Bus car or motorcycle every month naturally lose about 1 psi (bicycle tire pressure drops by as much as 15 psi).Thus, with gradual increase of the average temperature in the spring, pump up the tires are often necessary.In the fall, especially with a sharp cold snap - a guarantee of safety on the road.

nonprofessionals sometimes difficult to determine the exact pressure, because mechanical devices are almost always appears error.Now you can buy pressure gauges with "smart" chips, which make the temperature correction.Should I buy a multifunctional device, trust your instincts and skill of the worker HUNDRED - you decide.The main thing that the tire pressure was suitable for a comfortable and safe ride.