Getting rid of mice in a private house?

Mice and rats - the most numerous class of warm-blooded parasites on planet Earth.These creatures live side by side with the people and is one of the most dangerous and unpleasant pests.Destruction of mice in a private home - the process time-consuming and responsible.However, with proper and competent approach the existence of these parasites on the territory of your possessions can be reduced to zero.Remember to kill mice and rats once and for all, you need to use more than one or two ways, and to resort to the whole range of measures acting decisively and without delay!

When the house may appear mouse?

Mouse in a private home - a phenomenon quite common.We know that they are, indeed, rats appear in people's homes during the fall off-season.When the weather gets cold, and in the fields of crop harvested last, these creatures directs their attention to our homes.Crowds of mice and rats are storming towns and villages, bringing people some discomfort.

important to know that these representatives

of the animal world quite quickly multiply especially quickly adapt to almost any environment: the female is able to generate up to 30 young about 3 times a year.It is worth noting that this is a very cowardly creatures.They are afraid of anyone who is much larger than them.The food rats and mice are omnivorous and unpretentious.

Dangerous than rodents?

These rodents are not only applied to humans and irreparable damage to agriculture, but are carriers of infectious diseases such as salmonellosis, typhoid, plague, rabies.Moreover, they may be recorded in the home of fleas or ticks.That is why it is so important to know how to get rid of mice in a private house!The fact is that if at least one female will penetrate into your home and bring it litter, the destruction of these pests become a long and dreary struggle.

Ways home against rodents, there are quite a few.Much will depend on the conditions of residence.It is also necessary to understand that the fight should take place in all directions, t. E. Have a complex character.No need to despair if at first you do not succeed.This is quite normal, because mice and rats are not only clever, but also intellectually developed animals.Despite the many ways of dealing with these parasites, they have to be extremely strong immunity, surviving sometimes even deadly conditions.So parasites declare war!The very first step in a complex struggle with mice - is the use of mousetraps.

How to trap yourself?

Of course, you can buy a mousetrap in a specialty store, but practice shows that correctly works every third unit.In other words, the set of baits made on the so-called "Chinese market", which, of course, greatly affects their quality.However, you can buy a trap, but it is better, perhaps, to make it their own hands.

basic material for its production are a few plastic bottles (PET) 1.5 liter.You also need to get overcooked oil, is both a lure and an integral part of our traps.Well suited fat remaining in the pan after frying fish.Oil should be ready to bottle.The number of containers depends on the number of rodents that have appeared in the house.It is necessary to monitor the oil level: it should be 5 cm cover the bottom of the bottle.It is also necessary to grease traps and neck of the edges several times by shaking the container.

How to install the resulting trap?

In a private house such trap installed in all places where at least once have been seen angry rodents.The device is mounted on a wooden block at a slight tilt to the floor.The bottom of the bottle is required to fix using any heavy object (a pancake from a bar, dumbbells, rubble), able to keep the balance of the trap.

How does such a trap?

So now we know how to make a trap at home.Let's talk about its action.The mouse must certainly smell the alluring scent of overcooked oil coming out of the trap.Rodent steal up to the edge of the bottle, after which it inevitably slips.Oh, and the hard times have a poor mouse!Legs smeared in oil will not give the parasite to get out.

The most important thing here - it's pre-calculate the fixer mousetrap that will allow it to not turn over.By the way, you can not use a plastic bottle, and an ordinary glass jar of 3 liters.You can buy sticky bait-trap.Rodents stick to him like flies on a sticky tape.Getting rid of mice in a private home, if there is no ability or desire to use the method just described?You can resort to the help of ultrasonic devices and poison baits.

ultrasonic repellents mice and rats

Fortunately, we live in an era of high technology.Science does not stand still, and in the fight with all sorts of parasites.No exception and click.In specialty stores, you can buy electronic ultrasonic mouse trap (the so-called repellents).These devices are completely harmless to humans and larger pets (cats, dogs, rabbits).The principle of their action is the emission of a certain portion of the ultrasonic waves are not perceived by our hearing.

In mice and rats, the effect of a strong irritant, causing them to leave their territory horror.By the way, these devices are a humane methods of rodent control, not only in a private home, but also in the garden area.However, they have their disadvantages such as high costs and adverse effects on small pets such as decorative mice, guinea pigs, hamsters.Most Popular ultrasonic trap - a device trademark "Typhoon LS-600" and "Tornado-800."

poisoned bait.Quick and painless

Earlier we wrote that the fight against rodents, lodged in a private home, should be integrated.In addition to the use of special ultrasonic repellents and mousetraps, mouse and rat poison advisable!To do this, and created special poisons.In specialty stores selling typical chemicals intended for treatment of various baits.For example, a broad popular poison on rats and mice called "Rat's death."The drug is already finished poison bait comprising as the active ingredient brodifacoum 0.005%.Processed grains should be spread in all the places of occurrence of rodents.Mice are killed without any suffering.

poisoned bait.Slowly and in agony

Deadly poison for mice and rats, you can prepare yourself.It is necessary to mix the flour, sugar and alabaster, diluting the resulting mixture with water.Believe me, the effect will exceed all your expectations!Negligent mice and rats can taste the poison and this will have fatal constipation: a paste eaten them harden in the stomach, restricting full rodent inside.This method (and the like) is regarded as one of the methods antihuman rodent house.In addition, there is a risk of death of the animal in a completely wrong places, such as under the floor or in a crevice of the wall.So before you get rid of mice in a private house by means of such "exotic" methods, you need some time to think.

Maybe call a cat?

So we announced rodents real war!Along with all of the above, you can resort to the domestic cat.This method of combating mice and rats in the house - this is a real classic, time-tested.For centuries, cats - wonderful catchers mice.As practice shows, in a private house, where there is a household in the form of geese, pigs, chickens and cattle, no cat will not do at all!

Incidentally, now zoologists say that the greatest effect in rodents show exactly fishing cats, not cats.They may be for one day to catch up to 10 mice of different sizes.Moreover, it appears that rodents do not really even stand the smell of cats.Therefore, in the house where fluffy Murka are lodgers, mice and rats, in principle, it does not stay long.

Traditional methods of dealing with mice

  • can resort to the following trick.It is necessary to spread the floors in the house of a red hot pepper.This effectively deter careless guests.It is also recommended to prepare a special mixture of cement, finely beaten glass and clay, which will need to gloss over all the alleged mouse moves.Believe me, in a private house there may be any number.
  • In many private homes are oven.It is necessary to pour ashes on the floor: the mouse can not tolerate the smell.Moreover, it sticks to their paws, considerably slowing down the process of movement.
  • possible to use strongly odorous liquid such as ammonia, kerosene, benzine, turpentine, naphthalene.They need to soak the cloth to be spread out near the mouse holes, crevices, and so on. D. The disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that the experimental rodents will still be able to overcome these obstacles because, you see, even the most pungent and unpleasant smell - this is not the bane ofrats and mice.

What if nothing happens?

If the situation with rodents, lodged in your house, has launched a very level, it is necessary to address to experts.Professional fighters parasites know firsthand about how to get rid of mice in a private home.They are high quality and on conscience will save you from careless rodents, ensuring complete safety of all family members.The main thing - to apply to the company, having the proper license to operate.It is not necessary to resort to private traders, because in some cases it can leave you sideways!