How do I replace the video card

Replacing a video card in the PC is one of those operations, which must be able to perform every owner of a computer system.Otherwise, the user may be dependent on the service centers.As well as replacing the video card usually is not any difficulties, then such an appeal for help to obtain not only unpleasant, but also irrational.

novice user first opens the cover of the system unit and Visitor inside, probably struck by the abundance of electronic components, circuit boards and clutter of wires.For this good reason it may seem that replacing the video card - the prerogative of experts in electronics, computer geeks and programmers (though the latter is rather a stereotype).However, this is misleading.C of those distant times, when it was started serial production of semiconductor computers, their design provides a simple modernization of the many constituent elements.In the development of computer systems used by the principle of the block: the whole structure going from functional block components.

It is appropriate to compare with children's blocks or Lego.Thus, replacing the video card does not require the ability to handle a soldering iron or understanding of electronic logic circuits.

Before you specify the order of action, we note that the only possible replacement for discrete video cards, that is, those that represented an additional cost.Integrated Solutions straight line can not be replaced.

turn off the power, remove the power plug of the monitor and the system unit from the wall outlet.This is necessary because we do not know what breaks the extension button - zero or phase.Turn off the back of the housing two screws and remove the side cover.Graphics card is easy to learn - it is inserted into the slot of the motherboard and it is connected by a wire screen.Turning off the wire.Unscrew the screws holding the card.Carefully remove it from the connector: first a little one way, then another.On the connector may be a mechanical latch - it needs to be unlocked.The new card is inserted in the reverse order: first into the slot where securely;Further it can be connected to the monitor.Two points: excessive force at any stage is not required;comb sliding contacts should be evenly "hide" in the slot.

Replacing a video card on a laptop runs a little harder.It is necessary to turn off the power and remove the battery.Remove the screws holding the bottom cover.Disassemble the cooling system (usually heat pipes).The card is connected to the connector and secured with two screws.Remove them, remove the shawl from the connector.In its place a new set.It is desirable that it be of the same manufacturer and a similar class.

But replacing the video card in the iMac entails many difficulties, and not of a technical nature.Theoretically, you can change the card, but it will take:

- choose the model of the desired shape (usually fine);

- make sure that the components are consistent (it is likely that a more powerful card just will not work).

recommended initially to acquire an iMac desired characteristics.