How to use a laser level?

During construction works in most cases it is very important to achieve the perfect horizontal or vertical surfaces of various kinds.Until recently, it was possible to achieve this by using not only very convenient to use the water level.Today, for the alignment of structural elements of buildings, as well as in the manufacture of repair work is increasingly being used much more precise laser level.

What is this device?

Laser Level (or level) - a small structure that emits a laser beam.The light source is located inside the unit diodes.The housing is made of durable leveling rubberized plastic.During operation of the device can be installed either on any flat surface, or a special rack.

Scope use

Before we talk about how to use a laser level, let's see in what areas can be applied this wonderful instrument.Ideal alignment for leveling, for example, foundations and walls of buildings, both vertically and horizontally.When repairing the premises without also do quite difficult.Wallpapering, perf

ormance floor screed, tile installation - this is an incomplete list of works, the production of which may be used in the level of this type.

main varieties

There are two main types of laser levels:

  • with manual adjustment;
  • with self-leveling beam.

Next let's talk about how to run both types of laser level.In the first case before leveling device is necessary to put on a special built-in water level.Start works only after the bubble will take a definite position.Beam alignment in structures of the second type is automatic.These levels, in turn, are divided into electronic and pendulum.

static and rotary levels

How to use a laser level, consider a little lower.Now let's talk about what type of device it is best to use in a particular case.Today is produced only two types of construction leveling - static and rotary.The first project the two permanently visible plane intersecting at right angles.These instruments are considered to be ideal for the implementation is not too difficult repairs.In contrast to the static, rotary Levels can project a line across the floor area.

Laser Level.How to choose and use?

When selecting leveling should be guided by a number of criteria:

  1. type of work.Outdoor rotating normally used, more sophisticated and functional model.Repair of the indoors more often produced using cheaper and less functional static structures.
  2. range of the light beam.
  3. degree of error of the instrument.

further consider the question of how to use a laser level.Its operation is very simple and consists in projecting a laser beam on the surface to be leveled.The device is installed floor or fixed on a tripod and turn on.Although the use of the latter and is not considered mandatory, its presence guarantees complete immobility leveling and, consequently, the highest possible precision in the works.If necessary, by means of laser levels can perform assembling structural components not only vertically or horizontally, but at a certain predetermined angle.

best brand laser levels

most popular brand of laser levels now considered BOSCH.This company produces many different models, for use in the home and in industry.Another popular brand - Matrix.Professionals use these devices very often, but in everyday life, they can be very useful.You can also look at the laser level brand Robotoolz RT.Reviews of these devices are more than positive.

Using the laser level for floor leveling

Now let's see how to set the floor level laser level.The procedure is quite complicated.The most important thing - it is perfectly horizontal and at the same level set beacons.To achieve this, it is necessary to make a mark on the walls around the perimeter of the room, focusing on the future screed thickness and the zero line.Here's the handy laser level.The more the mark will be better.All these points are connected by a solid line.On them, and guided by mounting beacons.

Defining zero

question of how to use a laser level, may be relevant in determining the zero floor.This procedure is performed in the first place.This is done in several stages:

  1. at one meter from the floor put down the starting point.Further, through it, using a level, draw a horizontal line around the perimeter of the room.
  2. From her down, measure the distance in several places to the base plate.Height difference there may be more than significant.
  3. Celebrating the highest point, which guided and subsequently during the zero line.

Installing beacons

thickness of the concrete screed is usually 3 cm. To the next floor was perfectly horizontal, in the right places at the lighthouses enclose wooden blocks.This will provide a horizontal surface of the finished screed.Install beacons in parallel.Direction with the best choice of the entrance door to the opposite wall.The more they are, the better.In any case, in this context must be guided primarily by the length of the rule.Recent beacons are set at a distance of about 30-40 cm from the wall.

Those who want to carry out construction and repair works with high quality of the final result is certainly worth thinking about purchasing such a device, as construction laser level.How to choose the device that we have analyzed above.When buying is focused both on the type of work performed, and the brand, as well as a variety of leveling.