The sparrow flew into the house?

Do you believe in omens?Each of us had ever heard of them.Many people signs associated with birds.It turns out that they not only can perfectly "predict" the weather, but also herald any change in our lives.For example, if you see a magpie near his home - expect guests or any news.And if a crow caws near you, it is possible that you expect bad news.There are more "terrible" bird sings.For example, a sparrow flew into the home - a bad omen.It means that it can be associated with misfortune, which will soon come to your house.But let's look at why people do not "like" the sparrows?And what if that happened?

Sparrow - damn bird

There is an ancient biblical legend that sparrows were cursed by the Lord.They stole the inhabitants of Roman nails and carried them to the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.Another legend says that its loud chirping sparrows given Christ his pursuers.During these "offenses" bird "punish" the inability to walk like other birds.Indeed, jumping sparrows, and can not go

.Perhaps these legends have influenced the fact that people do not want to see the sparrows near their homes.Therefore, we figured out that if a sparrow flew into the house, it is a bad omen.Someone believes in these signs, while others do not believe.But in any case it will be useful to know what to do if this happened in your life.This will be discussed below.

sparrow flew into the house?The sign says about death?

Even our grandmothers believed that if a bird flew into the house, then wait for the death of someone from relatives.But it turns out that it's not any birds.For example, if you see a pigeon in his window sill, it is possible that you are waiting for change for the better in their lives.For some, this may be a promotion for someone - a success in financial affairs.But if the sparrow flew into the window - it can be interpreted unambiguously - wait for the death of any of his household.Bad omen is also considered killing a sparrow.It bodes misfortune.

What to do to misfortune has happened?

And what do you do if this happened in your life?First, in any case, do not panic.Do not chase the bird has wasted, do not try to catch her, much less kill.It is possible that you had a window or balcony if the sparrow flew into the house.Signs say that you should try to, in this case the customer feathered left your house.Open the window wider, that he had the chance.If he does not want to fly, roll in bread crumbs out of the window and say three times: "The flies for food, not for the soul."Do not worry if you have not done so in time.This ritual can be carried out a few days later after a bird flew into the house.

Summing up

Thus, we found that could be expected of people to whom the sparrow flew into the house.The sign says this about the misfortune that can happen in this house.But do not get hung up on this.It's just one of the signs.If they do not believe it is possible that bad in our lives and will not happen.