Origin of the Universe: the version of the theory, models

origin of the universe, the world, human civilization - all these questions troubled man since ancient times.Philosophers, theologians, scientists, and ordinary citizens put forward many hypotheses about the origin of our galaxy, but none of them can still be considered scientifically proven.

For centuries, until the appearance of the famous general theory of relativity of Einstein, it was thought that our universe is static, homogeneous, infinite in spatial and temporal dimension.In the most general form, this model has been described by Kant, which was based on the laws of mechanics of Newton.

For Kant, the infinity of the universe derives from the fact that it is the lack of space and time constraints can lead to the origin of an infinite number of accidents that man observes in everyday life.As a result of such accidents has become possible, for example, the formation of the biological diversity of the Earth.However, by the beginning of the twentieth century, this model has been found so many

contradictions that it has ceased to satisfy even the adamant supporters of Kant.We began to appear new theory of the origin of the universe.

most comprehensively approached this issue German scientist Albert Einstein.The origin of the universe, the scientific significance of this phenomenon, have become one of the main impetus for the creation of his famous theory of relativity.Building on its position, it can be concluded that the universe is not static and is constantly expanding, and with the expansion of its motion braked.By analogy with the known chemical phenomenon such a hypothesis called the "Big Bang."

origin of the universe, its chronological beginning was possible to calculate, using the data on the movement of stars and other celestial bodies.It turned out that our universe has existed for billions of years, some scientists have argued that her age is more than 20 billion years.

In this model the origin of the universe was one major flaw - it is the Big Bang itself, since it was not clear how the energy could arise from nothing.It suggests a review of the existence of the great designer, or God, what a significant portion of the scientists could not come to terms.Origin of the Universe became associated with the movement and pulsating plasma processes, and Thomas Gold and Fred Hoyle all returned to what began to assert that the Galaxy is static.

At the same time in the last decade has been made several major discoveries that directly support the Big Bang theory.Furthermore, the scientists were able to prove that space and time are rooted in this phenomenon, as well as energy and matter.Scientists can describe the events that took place in our universe, from 10 ^ -23 seconds after its inception.

the final touches to the proof of the Big Bang theory should be research into the Large Hadron Collider, a result which should be obtained prove the possibility of transition infinitesimal density, pressure and temperature in the energy and matter.