Onion sets.

Onion Onion - are small bulbs grown from seed in one spring-summer season.Seeds of its very small, with low germination, sprouting long, about three weeks.To improve this indicator before planting they should be soaked in water, and better growth stimulant, for 8-12 hours.The swollen seeds can be dried to flowability or just sit on the prepared fertilized flower bed.Further care for the crops is accurate watering seedlings, removing weeds.

harvest onion sets removed during the lodging of the leaves.This is about the beginning of August.1 square meter of the area sown with good care receive about 2 kg of Seva.Onion sets sure to dry well, remove the dried leaves and roots, sorted by size bulbs.

Bulbs not dorosshih a diameter of 1 cm to keep the spring are usually not possible.Preferably before winter planting small onion sets.Planting Seva late autumn has several advantages: early to get a bow on the pen, there is no loss of the crop due to dry, do not spend time on land the bow spring is not damaged

the onion fly (to the beginning of the summer onion flies from bulbs already generated a large lobe of the roots,therefore Donets available for laying eggs).

Under winter onion sets planted in such a way that the bulb before the frost is well managed to take root, but do not germinate.Specific dates landing point is difficult, it all depends on the region.Onion Onion planted before winter, as a rule, not an arrow from it with good care grow large, time to ripen, bulbs.

place under sevok selected flood-free, well-lit by the sun.When digging is necessary to make every square meter of half a bucket of compost and 1 tbsp.ash.After digging the beds slightly compacted, make a shallow furrow (about 4 cm), the distance between the grooves of about 12 cm. The dried Onion spread out in the grooves with a distance of 4 cm between bulbs.Onion sleep with loose soil or humus (or a mixture).Crops is desirable to cover the leaves or peat crumbs.

If one want to get a bed and a head, and a bow on the pen, then planting Seva to do seals need to lay Onion 2 cm. In the spring, you need to tear through one remaining area of ​​the bulbs will be enough food.

If you are going to plant onion sets in the spring, prior to this it is necessary to warm up the room with a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius for 20 days.Otherwise, the bolting.

onion sets.Grades

- Setton (high-yielding, of medium bulbs rounded up to 120 g, well kept, has a taste of the peninsula).

- Red Baron (yielding, early bulbs with red scales, each weighing up to 150 grams, is well kept, has a taste of the peninsula).

- Centurion F1 (middle-early, well-kept, bulbs weighing up to 110 grams of elongated shape, resistant to tsvetushnosti).

- Sturon (middle-early, well-kept, high-yielding, rounded bulbs weighing up to 100 g with brownish skin, the taste of the peninsula, is resistant to tsvetushnosti).

- Shtuttgarterrizen (yielding, early bulbs of medium size, taste pungent, odnozachatkovy, well kept, for forcing on the pen).

- Snowball (high-yielding, is mid bulbs rounded weighing up to 140 g with white scales, taste sweet, well-kept).

Today, there are many other varieties of onions.There are varieties and hybrids are most suitable for planting before winter - Sunshine, radar, and other Arctic.