How to choose a probiotic?

often in medical practice in violation of intestinal microflora prescribe drugs that pharmacists are a group of probiotics.This medicaments which contain beneficial bacteria, similar to those that inhabit the human gut.The action of these drugs is necessary for the prevention and treatment of dysbacteriosis.To solve these problems quite often, doctors prescribe drugs such as "Linex" or "Atsipol."


Comparing these drugs in the first place should pay attention to their composition.Since the drug "Linex" more intense, it consists of just three species of beneficial bacteria strains: Lactobacillusacidophillus, Streptococcusfaecium and Bifidobacteriuminfantis.While in the facility "Atsipol" contains only Lactobacillusacidophillus.So what probiotics prefer, drug "Atsipol" or "Linex"?What is the best pick for the treatment or prevention of dysbiosis during antibiotic therapy?The answer to this question can be given only by a doctor, given in each case, the patient's condition.


Considering these medicines may be found and similarities, which also should be considered when the question arises, what means to choose - "Atsipol" or "Linex", it is better to help as prophylaxis and in the treatment ofsevere dysbiosis?Primarily they consist in the fact that both these drugs belong to the group of probiotics third generation.They are similar and indications.They are prescribed for acute intestinal infections, chronic colitis, enterocolitis of various origins, atopic dermatitis, with long-term treatment with medicines, as well as antibiotics.

What preparation is stronger

As already mentioned, the composition of these two different means of the number of active components.This implies the question of which of the drugs is stronger "Atsipol" or "Linex", it is better to help?And here it should be noted that various kinds of strains of beneficial bacteria can enhance the effect of each other, while the homogeneous micro-organisms such properties do not possess.Also, the advantage of the drug "Linex" in that it improves intestinal motility, and this fact increases its range of action.

Medicine "Atsipol" - instructions

price of a drug varies from 240 rubles, making it accessible the bulk of the population.The use of this drug may have children from three months old, and adults.For the prevention of drug prescribed, 1 capsule once a day.Course duration can be from 10 to 15 days.With the purpose of treatment should be drinking 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day.To wash down the medication you need to water, in any case, for this purpose, can not use hot drinks, because of the high temperature kills bacteria.

worth noting that for babies, doctors prefer to prescribe the drug is "Atsipol" because of its mild, but effective action.To give the child medication, the capsule open and the contents mixed with a small amount of breast milk or formula.

Medicine "Linex" - instructions for use

price of the drug "Linex" somewhat higher, it costs 300-400 rubles, depending on the pharmacy network.Means "Linex" is also suitable for use in pediatrics, as well as in the treatment of adults.Children are usually recommended to drink 1 capsule 3 times a day, and adults - 2 capsules.Just like the drug "Atsipol", the capsule may be opened and mixed with a liquid, but a means of "Linex" comes in the form of a special children's bag, which is very convenient to use.


Do not self-medicate, and resort to the use of probiotics without consulting a specialist.You also can not rely on the opinions of others and to make a decision, what kind of tool to use - "Atsipol" or "Linex".What to choose, can only say the attending physician, considering the full picture of health.

Among the contraindications in the instructions for these medicines available to the sensitivity of the active ingredient.It should be noted that in their composition are remnants of milk proteins, however if there is intolerance to the product, the drug is used with caution and only under medical supervision.Also need more specialist advice, if taking the drug observed increased body temperature to 38 degrees, severe diarrhea for more than two days with weight loss and severe abdominal pain.In other cases, the developers assure that such probiotics do not carry any risk for the body and, in fact, is a concentrate of lactic acid bacteria, which are available in every yogurt and kefir.

Duration of such drugs as "Linex" and "Atsipol" depends on the cause of the imbalance of the intestinal microflora and the speed of recovery.Generally, probiotics are used as long as the patient's condition does not improve or disappear all the symptoms of disorders.