The main issues of the economy

Economy - a science that touches the lives of every human being.Its main task is to harmonious distribution of resources, which, as you know, is limited.From this statement it becomes clear the main issues of the economy.In this article we try to consider them.

What and how much should be produced? This is the first question of the economy.Before you make anything, you need to decide what specific goods and services consumers need.The answer to this question depends on how the limited resources will be distributed between the different enterprises.For example, it agreed that consumers are in dire need of a cooking stove.Consequently, the metal will be dispensed accordingly businesses, rather than, say, manufacturers of refrigerators.The correct solution of this problem minimizes the occurrence of problems such as oversupply and shortage of products.Consequently, the main issues of the economy focused primarily on the correct organization of the practical activities of the enterprises.

How to produce? This is the second central question of the economy.Before the release of goods, it is necessary to decide which method of their production is optimal, given the limited resources.The answer to the question under consideration depends on each situation.For example, one method of production can be time consuming, require large capital another, for the implementation of the third take a long time.That is, the uses of the limited resources can be very different.Here is an example.It takes a certain amount of potatoes.Grow it can be by using natural fertilizers and manual labor on small plots plots.However, to obtain the required amount of potatoes can and agrarian enterprises, using fertilizers and modern agricultural machinery.It is obvious that the major economic issues are resolved in different ways, depending on the requirements and resources.

What is the best way to distribute goods and services? This is the third issue of the economy.After the release of products you need to decide who can qualify to receive it.Every historical moment offers his answer to this question.When something good in the first place, got through the strongest violence.Then equalization system was used.Resources are distributed approximately equally.There is also the so-called principle of the queue.That is, the benefits accrue to those who before anyone else took his place in the queue of applicants.The main economic problems of society are, in particular, and in choosing the most balanced distribution of wealth.Developed countries have virtually developed the best method for resolving this problem.It consists in the fact that the goods and services accrue to those who can pay the cost declared by the seller.Such a principle is beneficial because the money that people have a strong incentive to work.That is, a person develops in career terms, improves productivity, enhances the skills that a beneficial effect on the prosperity of the country as a whole.At the moment, not all the major problems of the economy are allowed, but each year the mankind moves towards progress on the problems in question.The developed countries have not yet reached the absolute well-being, but they already have built solutions to urgent problems.

So, we briefly considered the main issues of the economy.They are relevant for almost all countries, including the most underdeveloped, because everywhere there is a limited amount of goods which is necessary to take action.