World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

World Wildlife Fund - a powerful public organization set out to protect the wildlife of the earth.It was created in 1961 and then united the few enthusiasts concerned with the state of nature.But the fact that those people were well-known scientists, businessmen and government leaders have allowed a year to hold an initial share.Several states, whose representatives have organized the World Wildlife Fund, have signed the World Charter for the Protection of Wild Animals.Later they were joined by other countries which have recognized that wildlife in danger.

more active Fund hampered by a lack of funds for large-scale conservation efforts.Therefore, almost 10 years, the organization was unable to express themselves loud stocks.

Obtaining financial independence

new life breathed into the fund it then president - Dutch Prince Bernard.Throwing aside all conventions, he addressed a personal request to the thousand richest people in the world.He asked to provide financial support to the WWF $ 10,000.

influential people of the planet responded were collected $ 10 million, which became the basis of financial freedom fund.The organization in the media often was called "Trust 1001".

logo WWF logo appears

Fund - a stylized drawing giant panda - linked with the name of one of the founding fathers, Sir Peter Scott.He saw this rare beast on the ground from a Chinese zoo during a tour in London.Good-natured and very beautiful animal he liked.He decided that the organization dedicated to the protection of wild animals, their character must choose a panda in need of protection.

emblem of the World Wildlife Fund - a very interesting animal.It is often called bamboo bear, as the panda eats bamboo shoots.A newborn calf weighs 900-1200 grams, opens his eyes only after 6-8 weeks.A walk begins only in the third month of life.

Pandas could completely disappear from the face of the earth due to deforestation in China, handling fields with pesticides and other reasons.WWF drew international attention to this problem.Giant Panda has been included in the International Red Book.Through the efforts of environmental organizations threatened with extinction has been removed.But delete it from the list of protected animals yet.

World Wildlife Fund: activities

members of the Fund are environmental activities throughout the world.Basing their work on current knowledge, they try not only to draw attention to the most acute problems of the relationship between humans and wildlife, and in the first place to solve them.

Fund and deals with the protection of individual species of flora and fauna threatened with extinction, and the protection of water, air, soil and certain landscapes.Over the years, his work done over two thousand projects to save tigers from annihilation, the protection of the seas from pollution, saving the rain forest and so on. D. Fund figures to formulate the problem of governments of different countries in the protection of nature.

Wildlife Fund in Russia

Fund representative in Russia was opened in 1994, but since 1988 started the first projects in our country.

The most important programs of WWF in Russia are the forest, marine and climate program.

purpose of the first of these is the protection of biological diversity in the forests of Russia.Marine aims to protect wildlife and the judicious use of resources of the seas.A climate involves working to prevent climate change.

What has been done in Russia?

Wildlife Fund WWF since 2004, registered in Russia as a national environmental organization.Over the years, considerable progress has already been achieved.

Over the years created nature reserves - reserves, national parks and others.Their total number exceeds 120, and the area - more than 42 and a half million hectares.In Yakutia, in the framework of the worldwide campaign "Gift to the Earth" created nature reserves to 30% of the territory.

The year 2009 saw the creation of the national park "Russian Arctic", which are protected by walruses, polar bears, bird colonies and glaciers.

National Park "Beringia", formed in 2012, protected natural landscapes of Chukotka.It is designed to protect the monuments of the Chukchi and Eskimo ancient culture.From wildlife taken under the protection of polar bears, walruses, bighorn sheep.Here are the largest bird colonies, and protected spawning salmon.

protection of rare animals under the auspices of WWF

Wildlife needs to be protected.This is no one in doubt.And experts predict WWF is one of its main objectives.

its work in Russia Wildlife Fund has launched a project for the conservation of the Amur tiger.The result of the environmental and government organizations was the fact that now the number of tigers is not reduced and stabilized.It is more than 450 individuals, and the threat of extinction this rare species is not threatened.In 2010, in the northern capital hosted the International Forum on Tiger Conservation, in which 13 countries inhabited by these great and rare cats, adopted a program to save them.

At the end of the project the Foundation in the forests of European Russia has about 400 bison grazing.In the North Caucasus have also returned bison herd until their 90 individuals.

managed to increase the number of leopards by almost half.Now these rare wild cats at least 50 individuals.To save them to take action against forest fires, to equip anti-poaching units, the educational work among pupils ... And finally, the national park was established, known as the "Land of the Leopard."There are also working to restore populations of leopard in the North Caucasus.

To maintain security between humans and polar bears with the help of the Fund were created "Bear Patrol".

These are just a few examples of effective work of the Foundation in Russia.

Forest protection

WWF takes over and protect the forest cover of our planet.We WWF forest program started in the Pskov region, which were able to develop effective forest management.The aim of the program is to grow high-yield forests, without harming the habitats of animals and plants.

more than 38 million. Ha of forests in our country now complies with international standards.According to this indicator, they are second only to Canada's forests.Obtaining the certificate means that these forests are preserved social and protective function even if the logging industry.

result of a long campaign of the Fund for the Protection of the cedar forests of Primorye in Russia imposed a ban on the felling of Korean pine.More than 600 thousand ha of the forest have been taken by the environmental rent the Fund and its partners.And in the Far Eastern leopard habitat volunteers was planted cedars million!

protection of water bodies from pollution

One of the most famous campaigns of the Fund is action in defense of Lake Baikal.Environmentalists have ensured that the route of the oil pipeline "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" was held in a safe distance from the unique lake.

now held protests demanding close the Baikal pulp mill as the main source of water pollution.The deterioration of the purity and transparency of lake water can lead to the destruction of the unique inhabitants of Baikal: omul, Baikal seal, golomyanka and others.

result of long work was to re-routing and the underwater pipeline "Sakhalin-2", which threatened the oil contaminated areas of feeding gray whales.

canceled the construction of the Evenk hydroelectric station, is extremely dangerous for the environment.A decision to exclude the construction of dams on the river Amur.

«Earth Hour»

This annual event is the most popular WWF.And it has become the most massive in the history of both our country and around the world.Millions of people around the globe turned out the lights for exactly one hour to show their attitude to the question of the rational, reasonable use of natural resources of the planet, and indifferent to the future of the Earth.

Wildlife Fund is the main goal - to achieve harmony between man and nature, preservation of biological richness and diversity of the Earth.This charity funds more than half of its donations to provide WWF supporters worldwide.

It is encouraging to see that in our country there are more.Join this important cause - the protection of nature for our children and grandchildren!