What are mushrooms harvested in October?

Surely many of you know that it is time to autumn - this is the perfect time for gathering mushrooms.Why is that?Yes, because at night the dew begins to form larger, better soil moistened with aspen and birch in really large numbers begin to grow out of the ground.Generally it is the autumn season affects species diversity and a rich harvest of mushrooms.

huge number of people are interested in the question of what kind of mushrooms harvested in October.It is fair to say that the second month of autumn - is the peak period for mushroom pickers.In some cases, it is considered the only month in which lucky enough to gather a rich harvest of white mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

Honey mushrooms

So, what are mushrooms harvested in October?At this time, as if the nature of stops: in the forest dominated by silence, which can disturb only the rustle of yellowing leaves underfoot.

Want to know which mushrooms are collected in October?The first in the list should be made, of course, honey.Their share

in the total harvest usually accounts for a large part.In the forest, they can be found in the most unexpected places, but mostly on a fallen tree and hardwood stumps.And they grow large enough clusters.Even an old stump in the garden can be a haven for honey agaric.In a medium mushroom them firmly entrenched the status of "uppity" mushrooms.In the middle of the fall is most common is honey agaric autumn.What are mushrooms harvested in October yet?It should be noted that in large numbers can be seen zelenushek and ryadovok that grow along the forest paths, and directly on the sandy hills.


Of course, the fall of all go to the forest to harvest white mushrooms, despite the fact that the field of view they get less and less.Searchers best solar glades.

Autumn variety of mushrooms

What mushrooms in early October, can be found in a pine forest?Of course, this birch, aspen, boletus and mossiness.Again, in the meadows and in the garden you can look for mushrooms.If October was warm and sunny, then get out of the ground mushrooms and chanterelles.It is necessary to mention the miracle mushroom bruise (it seems that his intense azure hue nothing can wash).Also found a mushroom umbrella big and shaggy parasol.Strikes and species diversity of mushrooms: You can find the field, edible, prairie, garden.In the autumn also grows two types govorushek: cup-shaped and giant.You can come and mossiness: green, colorful and fractured.

any more mushrooms grow in October?Very often, mushroom pickers hunt volnushki, svinushki and raincoats.We can confidently say that the fall of the strength to gather a rich harvest of mushrooms, and if suddenly you are asked about whether there are mushrooms in October, then you can give an affirmative answer.

caution, however, engaged in gathering mushrooms should not be neglected precautions.Of course, now you do not think about whether there are mushrooms in October, but must also be able to distinguish edible from inedible items.For example, you may accidentally collect dung beetles.These eukaryotic organisms in combination with alcohol are dangerous to health because they can trigger food poisoning.

Do not forget about the risks to collect poisonous mushrooms.Note that the fall massively false mushrooms grow, and they do not differ from the original.Again, you can easily come across a pale toadstool.In this regard, you need to come home to explore each mushroom.If you have the slightest suspicion on the fact edible fungus or not, it is better to get rid of him.

Season mushrooms in the Moscow region

Of course, many go to pick mushrooms in October in Moscow.But it should be noted that in this period of time, the mushroom season is close to its end, as Mokhovikov and syroezhek comes not so much, but their natural form with the onset of the first frost somewhat worse.Nevertheless, enthusiasts do not lose optimism and sent on a variety of routes, the Moscow region, to gather up brown cap boletus, aspen, Polish mushroom, mushrooms and umbrellas.Striking is the fact that fortune smiles to them, and they achieve their goal.This indicates only one thing: the mushrooms in October in Moscow there.

mushroom place in the Moscow region

It should be emphasized that gathering mushrooms in the suburbs, you can choose a variety of directions.Generally, people prefer to use the train.We list some popular routes.

Savelovo direction

final stop - Station meadows.Mushrooms can be harvested in the western part - two kilometers towards the locality Ozeretskoe, as well as in the eastern part - three kilometers towards the settlements Fedoskino and Sholokhov.In these places you can gather up a few oil, aspen and chanterelles.From station to station Savelovsky Meadow go about 40 minutes.

Kazan direction

Exit the station should be black, which is surrounded by pine trees.As soon as you get off the train, within minutes you find yourself in the forest.You can also collect a rich harvest of mushrooms, but with regard to chanterelles and butter, then collect them is not recommended because they are easy to absorb harmful substances.From the capital metropolis station trains ply with black three times a day.

Leningrad direction

mushroom pickers must go to the station Firsanovka then, heading north-east to get to the village Nazarievo.Then again, one should go in the direction of the north-east to the village of Elin, and not far from the intersection of the route with the Leningrad highway, you can see the mixed forest.This is where you can gather honey agaric, mushrooms and porcini mushrooms.

Of course, this is only a small fraction of areas for collecting mushrooms in the suburbs.You can always choose the best route for themselves.