Killer bees.

Remember as a child, many of us watched films about the terrible sharks, giant squid, man-eating ants and killer bees?If sharks and squid all clear, then how did the little flying creatures can kill a person because of their venom can cause only allergy?Not so simple as it might seem at first glance.Killer bees do exist!We talk about them.

Myth or Reality?

This is not fiction, and certainly not a myth.Unfortunately, these extremely dangerous insects do exist and have been able to carry a lot of lives.In terms of classification, they are entomological vnetaksonomicheskuyu group of honeybees.Their Latin name - Apis mellifera, which translated into Russian language sounds like "Africanized honey bees."

But what are these strange insects?Where did the killer bees?In fact, out of nowhere, and they do not appear.They were brought by artificial means in the course of the experiment.However, it turned out spontaneously.Bees, which is popularly dubbed the killers - this is nothing like a hybrid of African

bees with any other living on the territory of Europe.

African killer bees.How it was?

In 1956 in Brazil in a special experiment and oversight of certain persons have been inadvertently removed the bees pose a threat to human life.One Brazilian entomologist and geneticist Warwick Kerr brought from another African expedition native bees.The scientist some time carefully studied their "wards", to find out their strengths - an excellent fertility and good physical strength.

This prompted Kerr to the principal decision to create by crossing a certain subspecies of African bees, which could easily take root in hot South American climate.But here, as in a horror film, not without force majeure.Unknown error received on whose uterus had been newly created hybrid in 1957 released his own geneticist at will.On freedom of the uterus on their own interbred with ordinary bee drones, it is producing a terrible legacy.And there were killer bees.

┬źWrong" bee

These beings differ from all its congeners large and brutal aggression.Physical strength, inherited from African bees, made these insects real fighters in the fight against the inclement conditions of the environment: their remarkable vitality and resilience to certain external factors is simply amazing!In this incubation period on their one day shorter than conventional bees.This gives them a substantial advantage in reproduction.

Moreover, Africanized honey bees produce a two times greater than their conventional counterparts.They begin to collect it before all other insects, and ends - later.These industrious creating much of their relatives.And the plants they pollinate much better than other kinds of bees.However, the language of the famous Winnie the Pooh, killer bees - is "wrong" bee.Why is that?Yes, because they kill people!


Over time, these dangerous creatures spread to South American forests, and then in the countryside, and even in the cities.Currently, Africanized bees are settled throughout Brazil, ousting their relatives and unconditionally occupied the entire territory of South America.Scientists carefully monitor their activities.It is noted that these are now steadily being settled to the north at a speed of about 270 kilometers per year.

ruthless killer

Even 10 years after the failed experiment was the first recorded case of an attack of a swarm of Africanized bees in the house in the bay of Rio de Janeiro.Then the killer bees killed more than 150 people and several hundred animals.All attempts to rescue flamethrowers used against them proved futile.Statistics - a harsh thing.According to her, in 1969 in Brazil, from the bites of flying mutants killed more than 200 people, and several thousand - seriously injured.

What is really there to talk about pets killed "at the hands" of these insects: they are generally number in the thousands.Entomologists warn that Africanized bees without hesitation attack any living creature that appeared in a radius of 5 meters from their hive.Often they pursue their victims over 500-700 meters.Be very careful!We wish you will never learn from experience, who the killer bees!