How to iron golem in "maynkraft": User

"Maynkraft" is full of the most diverse and bizarre creatures.Since the banal domestic animals and ending the dragon.One of the rare humanoid creatures is an iron golem.In "maynkraft" this creature is valuable in that it helps to create a player in battle and dying from it falls a few items - iron ingots, poppy, or rose.Where can I find it?

Path First

If you are in the first place in the iron golem "Maynkraft 'interests as an exhibit for the" Zoo ", you may just find it.The fact that the golems spawn near the large villages.Their duty is to protect the inhabitants from hostile mobs.In peacetime, these creatures just walking around the village with poppy seeds (or rose) in the hand and can give its gamers.However, if a resident would attack a monster or player, the golem quickly runs up to the aggressor and starts beating him.Base damage they cause is not so much, but it is compounded by the fact that during the strike the enemy is thrown up into three or four blocks and as a result takes damage fr

om falling.Thus, if you are going to attack the "piece of iron", prepare thoroughly - just shoot a bow unlikely.As you should have understood, you do not have to think how to make the Iron Golem in "maynkraft", you may just find it near the large village nearby.


problem with the preceding paragraph that the village does not always appear on the game map.In addition to research, there is a long way of how to make the Iron Golem in "maynkraft."For this you need a lot of materials and remarkable endurance.You can build your own village.However, there are several necessary conditions.

  1. in the village must be 21 houses.Their number is considered to be at the door.That is, if the two doors in the house, and then it is counted as two.
  2. should also be a minimum of 16 adult residents.

create such an artificial village, you run the random number generator.The chance that the iron golem will appear in this formation is 1/7000.Therefore, this method is unlikely to give a clear answer to the question of how to make the Iron Golem in "maynkraft."

build yourself

What do we have?We are interested in being there only in residential areas and created to protect civilians.But how to make the Iron Golem in "maynkraft" with their own hands and for yourself?To do this you will need:

  1. 36 units of iron ore.
  2. pumpkin or lantern (lamp) Jack.
  3. workbench and oven.

Well, because the lamp is made of pumpkin, but the creation of a golem is no different result here and then recommend to use pumpkin.For those who do not know jack-o'-lantern - a piece of furniture that can be used to illuminate the area.Kraft he Pumpkin and a torch.

So, how do the Iron Golem in "maynkraft" with his own hands?In the furnace melted down all the iron ore into ingots.Of these, Kraft blocks on the bench.You should have four iron block.Pumpkin, you can grow your own or found in nature, although this version has a very low chance.

After you've stocked with everything you need, go directly to the building.Installing iron blocks on the ground by the letter "T", and put on top of the central lantern or pumpkin.All.You can observe how alive your golem.


There are some features of the behavior and the use of these creatures.

  • Since they were originally created to protect the villagers, then after some time the golem have to go looking for a suitable village, but it has not been proved.So if you have not found peaceful villages, you can try to go after him, suddenly withdraw.
  • If you want it to protect your home, dike area fence.Then the golem will stick to it.
  • You can use the golem to battle in the lower world, and the infernal fortresses.For example, efreeti.Called golem will be a good human shield.On the other hand, if he went for a walk along the fortress, he would divert a part of the mobs.

That's all that concerns how to make the Iron Golem in "maynkraft."Good luck in the game!