Education in the UK: 8 interesting ceremonies and traditions of English schools

Great Britain - a country anxious to preserve the traditions rooted in the deep past.A separate "niche" in the assembly of traditional rituals hold the ceremony of British schools, widely regarded as the "cradle" of many colorful historical figures: Winston Churchill, Damien Lewis and enlightened persons of the British royal house.

If you aim for quality secondary education and wish to use it for study abroad, this article will help you to understand the traditions of the most famous schools in the UK.

1. Eton College

history of popular and exciting game called "Eton Wall Game» (wallgame), one of the famous ancient rituals of British private schools, has more than a hundred years.The essence of the game as described further in the mid-18th century, is an active movement of the two groups of players, consisting of scholars and ordinary students on a five-meter strip of land width.

This band is called "furrow» (furrow) and is located along the main wall of the college.The main goal of the match

- holding the ball to the opposite end of the said wall without the use of hands and avoiding goal.It is worth noting that, despite the obvious tedium and complexity of the tradition, the fun is usually carried out on November 30 still has not lost its relevance.

2. Harrow School

special love of singing British schools is embodied in the creation of their own unique hymns.Harrow School is no exception, and even introduced a new fashion of vocal art.The fact is that in addition to the hymn in the walls of this school performed a lot of original works, dedicated to any festive occasion, and very ordinary.

Students sing at picnics and meetings, meetings of graduates and school parties, and even have their own hit under the original name.This tradition, zealously supported, including former students, has helped the institution gain extreme popularity.

3. College Winchester

This is a great ritual called "illumination", which arose in the mid-19th century after the demolition of the wall that divided the scholars (Scholars), who lived on campus, and students paid (Commons).Originally used for such illumination candle stubs, accumulated during the occupation.

Currently this tradition is carried out on the last day of the autumn short trimester, is supported by specially manufactured for this purpose candles.Hundreds of lights are placed along the main wall and playgrounds, creating an amazing live coverage, and members of the staff, pupils and parents are arranged around a bonfire, symbolizing the approach of Christmas, sing songs and regale pies with brand punch.

4. Westminster School

At this school every year since the mid-18th century on the Tuesday of each week of Shrovetide decided to organize a fun ritual called Greaze («Association»), the essence of which is in competition for the student fraternity "uryvaniyu" bigger piecefrom a huge pancake hanging on the high beam.For a desperate contest oversees a vast company of the director, school staff, students, and the abbot of Westminster Abbey.Sometimes also invited representatives of the royal clan.

reward for the champion is the sovereign of gold, and for students at the request of the abbot arranged day, heralding the holiday.It is interesting that in ancient times, a cook who could successfully throw the proverbial pancake on the beam, threw books in Latin.Now this tradition is no longer in vogue, to the satisfaction of employees dining Westminster School.

5. Charterhouse

elite of the institution, which has the most inquisitive minds and the highest level of intelligence among the students, is called the "Brotherhood of the Apostles."Meeting members of the brotherhood held on Monday and is to read individual reports on any school subject.To select club usually are increased academic requirements, which provide reliable and win-win basis for admission to such prestigious institutions like Cambridge.

«apostles' stand out among the mass of other students special" Cambridge "tie and scarf pale blue.Personal growth and intellectual development is cultivated in British private schools very carefully, in contrast to the government, which, undoubtedly, is what sets the first when choosing an educational institution.

6. School Rugby

name of this school speaks for itself - it is the founder of the famous game of rugby, emerged in the early 19th century as a result of accidentally breaking the rules of the pupil Webb Ellis Cup match held.From accidentally end up in the hands of the ball, he ran to the gate of the opposing team.So, a new sport, which has become quite popular not only in English schools, but throughout Albion.Currently, in honor of this event in the school rugby anyone can contemplate a commemorative plaque and a monument to Ellis.In addition, the prize-winners of the Rugby World Cup Ellis award, decorated with gold leaf.

noteworthy that almost two centuries, thanks to the new in the history of English sport to the invention, a list of popular sayings added another where rugby is called hooligan game for gentlemen, referring to the "high" the origin of this sport and competitive fun.And to this day it is considered to be rugby entertainment for the British elite, and the "originator" of the invention - football - a game of "ordinary" people.

7. Eton College

addition to the "Eton multideck" in college, there is another important tradition - the main celebration, called the "June 4", the date of birth of the monarch George III, the first King of England, famous for a special favor to the sciences,Eaton active patronage and contribution to the organization of training in the UK.Students of the college met the king in return and often visited Windsor Castle at the invitation of the royal family.Birthday George is only the official date of the holiday, it is celebrated on the fact on Wednesday before the first weekend of June.

Memorable solemn event - the performance of the fleet of wooden boats running the most skilled rowers in sea uniform of the 19th century.Rowers swim to watching at a safe distance and in greeting lift paddle, which sometimes leads to overturn the ship.But no incidents not overshadow this great celebration.The crowd applauded the procession pronounced celebratory speech, organized sporting events, exhibitions, and then - a lovely summer picnic for students, families and staff at Eton.Bridgehead of this action on the annual tradition stands the famous Field Cricket Agar's Plough.

8. Winchester College

Along with the ritual of "illumination", an old private school has another great tradition.Ritual Winchester College, received a romantic name "morning hills," appeared in 1884 as a celebration of the historic school of gaining rights to land.

Twice a year, mostly in autumn and spring, a lot of pupils places wakes up before sunrise in order to make the famous climb the nearest hill - a hill of St. Catherine.After the ascent, which is carried out in a school uniform, read common prayer and pupils are sent back.This unusual ritual, no doubt, have to taste "larks" who are used to wake up before dawn.

described the tradition of private schools in the UK will help the reader better understand the customs of the British and imbued with "Tales of olden times" in order to make an informed choice school for their children.Education in England is one of the world's most prestigious and private schools - among the best in terms of organization of educational process and systematization of knowledge.