Something about how to change the character

Despite the fact that life sometimes forces people to be rude, cynical and evil, many of us tend to change character.Fortunately, the man still had bright aspirations: to be kind and responsive, as well as single-minded and wants to be a workable almost everyone.Here's the main problem lies.How to change the character?Often our impulses and remain only in gusts.However, if you try, you can achieve good results.

Step One

Many experts say that the concentration of thoughts on our negative qualities and the fact that we need to fix them - is fundamentally wrong tactics.First of all, you need to take your character as he is.Yes exactly.After all, we are all humans, with positive and negative traits.And the fact that there are very different types of human nature, helping us to get along with yourself.Of course, this does not mean that we should not seek to reduce the negative impact of certain traits of our character to life.Only it should be done wisely.Realizing some of the things prevent us to live

, you need to describe them in detail on the paper, adding, in what situations they occur the most.

next morning to read everything that you write every day to adjust to the desired wave.And view the evening to assess their wins and losses for the day.

Step Two

Surely you have a favorite character: from the book, a movie or cartoon.Rather, he has the traits of which you dream.Wondering how to change the character, think about your favorite hero, and the answer will come by itself: by imitation.Imagine yourself a noble knight or Turgenev girl, when you feel that this or that your negative quality strives to spoil the mood of you and others.Gather into a fist all his will, courage and endurance;Imagine that this is your main role in life ... And then do it!

Step Three

Before you change the character, you must realize that every human quality has a twin brother.The difference is only in the "demeanor".For example, laziness - the reverse side of the activity.Anger - kindness and good spirits.And so on.So, in one way or another we all have a complete set of such "twin brothers", only a few of us know how to make friends with them, and some - not.So when you, for example, are angry, count to ten to myself, imagining as you go on an imaginary path of anger to good and calm.You do not need to put much effort just to count and breathe deeply.Wait a bit and a negative manifestation of one of the features of your character will turn into a positive.

requires neither life nor myself instant results, because the nature of the change, of course, possible, but not immediately.Only with a clear idea of ​​what you really need, as well as using different techniques (not only the above, but they, too), you will be able to change, to become at least a little bit better.As you know, when a person is changing, and changing his life.As soon as start to work on themselves!