psychological techniques in communication

Communication is the interaction between people, which takes place on the verbal and nonverbal level.In order to be successful, you need to know how to build their behavior.This can be useful in business and in their personal lives, and in a friendly company.To help people who want to become good companions may come to the psychological techniques in communication.In addition, the knowledge of some tricks contributes to success in business negotiations or a dispute, which is important for the business, especially for senior staff.

When communicating man perceives not only what he hears, and other nuances of behavior, even at an unconscious level.Through gestures, facial expressions, posture and other nonverbal means the source transmits what he wants to say.When communicating human senses receive some emotive signals that remain in the subconscious and determine the attitude of the speaker, as well as to the information, which he is trying to convey.

psychological methods of influence on a partner

to help improve relationships with business partners and bring success in personal conversations.One commonly used method - a way to relieve tension.For this purpose, usually say nice phrase (compliments) personal or joking (but not ironically) to establish contact.

conversation can use the following psychological techniques.So, when communicating often recommended to name the speaker.This is one of the most pleasant word for everyone.Therefore, positive emotions that it evokes, even on a subconscious level, always come back to the one who said it.

To arrange interlocutor to itself, it is recommended to apply and psychological techniques such as "kindly smile" or "mirror relationship."The people on the face of which we see a welcoming smile and friendly expression automatically begin regarded as associates.This method can be used with the head of the slave to his instructions were not carried out under pressure, as it were, on their own personnel.

psychological techniques of persuasion to the dispute will help the opponents to resolve the conflict diplomatically enough.Quite popular in this case, the method of "direct approach".It means itself, first and foremost, respect for the individual speaker.In addition, there are used short, clear phrases, moving directly to the case.

Reception "connection" is considered one of the most effective.In order to position itself to the interlocutor, it is necessary to "reflect" his rate of speech, the power to vote.In addition, the desired effect can be achieved through non-verbal means, for example, to repeat the position of the interlocutor, facial expressions, to feel his mood.

psychological techniques are a way to establish contact with the person, to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.As a result, this can be achieved quite a great success in business or in your personal life.It should be remembered that one of the main rules here - respect for the other person.