Stone Taurus

As you know, each sign of the zodiac fit certain stones, which give their owners the qualities which they lack, or develop existing ones, as well as reduce the negative characteristics of the host, energize their owners.Carrying a charge of land, these natural charms take care of the health of the wearer.

Stones Taurus: amazonite

Taurus representatives earth elements stand firmly on his feet, eager to material well-being, balance and harmony in all things.Stone Taurus must have a bluish or greenish tinge.For example, Amazon.From these semi-precious stones, easy to process, you can make jewelry - charms.It rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings.You can also make the statuette that will protect the house and fill it with positive energy.This stone for Taurus creates a perfect state of health, mood, gives vivacity and courage, fatigue and anxiety.Amazonite strengthens the bonds of marriage, bears wealth Taurus.

Taurus Stones: turquoise

Another stone of Taurus - is turquoise.Especially - old tu

rquoise, t. E. Greenish.It is believed that it brings good luck and victory.Turquoise is also a powerful amulet that copes even with poisons and poisoning.Her advice to wear those risky seeking to smite evil and to win it.This amulet helps both in finance and in family affairs, ceases to quarrel, the world returns to the family.In ancient times this stone was produced even wedding rings.

Taurus Stones: malachite

next stone for the Taurus - a malachite.His mystical properties are endless.Rumor has it that he grants wishes.Malachite develops intuition, clears the mind, eliminates unnecessary resentment and anxiety.The strongest considered malachite light shade.The stone absorbs negativity and its owner brings peace and harmony.

Stones Taurus: chrysocolla

Chrysocolla - stone for the Taurus, which is useful for meditation (since it connects the human with the cosmic energy).Gone anxiety and fears from the carrier of this mineral.Comes wisdom and contemplation, which is important for representatives of this sign.


for carrying or storage efficiency of talismans, amulets and charms is very important to realize that what goals you pursue, you want to get.For example, stones of Taurus (at sign) are valid for the other characters, but much less pronounced than for the representative of the zodiacal constellation.

women Taurus

also want to note any suitable stones for the Taurus female.Beautiful half of the recommended mark jewelry with emeralds, sapphires and yellow agates clean (no inclusions).

Stones Taurus: sapphire

Sapphire - purity and dedication, balance, mental strength, humility and serenity.He personifies the friendliness and fairness.Taurus suits blue sapphire.Not suitable - Black, giving birth to hatred and pride.

Stones Taurus: Emerald

That he tells out of any bad situation.Defender Taurus in any troubles.

Stones Taurus: yellow agate

longevity and good health gives the agate.This stone for Taurus is a talisman from diseases, cures cough and other diseases specific to the sign of the zodiac.

rings, earrings, pendants made of these stones will not only protect women Taurus, but will please.