Dream Interpretation - dirt dream a dream, but in reality the clouds are gathering

Imagine, dear reader, that you had the following dream - mud.By the way, it may not always portend you something evil.For example, the dirt in the dream may even herald a waking you acquire wealth.At least, so says the dream book of Nostradamus.You probably can be involved in some violent activity, and in your life in general expected a different kind of event, which will be a lot.

including coming you all sorts of negotiations, some of which will be important, but not too different.Will fans may accompany the above activities.Also, according to the dream book, dirt that dream is everywhere and you can not even get through it, probably, dreams can not be good, but warns that over you, as they say, "dark clouds".

This is when dreaming, you know, this mud "impassable".You can even get sick more than once, and in life can be very unlucky.In particular, problems may arise in business relations and general business.You understand that the dream book of that name contains a prediction and a more global s

cale than the life of a particular dreamer.In particular, if the city goes mud sediments, it is not ruled out a change in the leadership of the city, and even the government of the whole country.

Thus people (people) expect hard times, difficulties of a material nature.If the dream were seen wallowing in the mire of gold coins, then come to power unworthy of man, and the people at first did not recognize its true face, it will be practically worship.But, according to the same dream interpretation, the dirt that you see in a dream pourable someone on the plates, just a dream for good.Coming a time of prosperity, security, stability and peace.

There's a source of interpretation of dreams, which is usually brief.That our theme says this dream interpretation?Dirt in the opinion of its authors dream to disease, and the source is called the dream book Tsvetkova.And we continue our study.Considerable importance are the details of dreams, related to, or any other character.Take esoteric dream book.Dirt, if in a dream to walk on it, foreshadows the dreamer's complexity in business and other matters.

If you remove smeared, dirty hands, then trouble will undergo your family and friends, perhaps even children.If the wash you hands, washing away the dirt from them, then you are coming some ridiculous family "showdown".We'll have to justify that what you appear to be not guilty in front of them.That's when the dream that you are completely smeared with mud, then everything will be fine.That is, change is coming to life, and for the better in many areas.

Something we forgot another popular source of such knowledge.I mean Millers dream book.Dirt is interpreted as a symbol of dreams for good only if in your sleep you clean your clothes from her.This is where you are not afraid of gossip and no slander coming from detractors.

sleepwalk through the mud the authors of the above-mentioned source is not advised, warning that otherwise you face the loss of peace in the family, loss of confidence in people close to you.And all these events occur on your own fault.Or by your negligence, intemperance in words.In general, try to control yourself after such dreams.

There dream interpretation, mud according to the compilers of which dreams to grief in the family circle.It is called "Miss Hasse."But General sonnik dirt in a sense bestow.For example, if the dream smeared clothes, then you will avoid the pathologies of a medical nature, and to see this character around the trees and flowers, then waking to strengthen its financial position.And significantly.

Well, if the dirt while dreaming wet (fresh).You will be rich.That you and I wish!