Jellyfish Aurelia: description, features content reproduction.

jellyfish Aurelia - a kind of marine life, which is very interesting and mysterious.Therefore, they are often kept in aquariums.This article contains information about who this jellyfish Aurelia: description, especially the content, the reproduction of this species.

General description

have Aurelius umbrella flat and can reach a diameter of 40 cm. Since it is based on non-cellular material (composed of 98% water), it is completely transparent.This quality also determines that the weight of these animals closer to the weight of water, which greatly facilitates navigation.

should specify that the jellyfish Aurelia has a very interesting structure.Thus, the edge of her umbrella tentacles are - small, but mobile.They are very tightly seated a huge number of stinging cells.

At the mouth of the jellyfish square has 4 moving along the edges of the blade.Reductions (they are covered with stinging cells also) makes it possible to pull the prey to the mouth and securely capture her.


the content of jellyfish has some specifics.Initially, the case in aquariums.For jellyfish require special capacity to ensure the smooth flow of the circular.Allowing animals to move safely, without fear of any collision.This is important because Aurelia or long-eared jellyfish has a very gentle and soft body that is easily damaged.

necessary to ensure the correct flow velocity, which should allow the animal to "float" without problems in the water column.Only when this risk of harm to their bodies should not be.

Specificity also is that for jellyfish in the aquarium completely eliminated the use of aeration.This is due to the fact that air bubbles may be under the dome of the animal, get stuck there and then to break it, which is very dangerous and can lead to the death of a jellyfish.

They do not need special lighting and generally easy enough illumination.

Also note that the water filter is not necessary.Usually, you just replace the regular water quality to it has always been up to the mark.If the desire to constantly refresh the water is not available, you can also do the installation of life-support systems.It is important to properly take care of the protection of animals.Because they can tighten in the fence device.

In addition, keep in mind that the jellyfish Aurelia to live in a fairly spacious aquarium, because it must be able to freely stretch their tentacles in full length.


how to feed jellyfish?They perfect mix that includes shrimp, phytoplankton, much crushed shellfish and seafood.Although currently on sale there are different finished feed, which Aurelia (eared jellyfish) can also be eaten.But there is one feature.If the animal feed did not like it, they can begin to have the rest of the jellyfish.


jellyfish Aurelia is dioecious.Thus, the testes in males have milky-white color, they are perfectly clear: this small half-ring in the body of the animal.The females have ovaries purple or red color, which is also visible on a gleam.Therefore, by coloring can understand what sex jellyfish.Aurelia for his life reproduce only once, and then die.Their main distinguishing feature is considered to be caring for their own offspring (which is not characteristic of other types).

worth noting that the fertilized eggs, as well as their further development takes place in special pockets.In their eggs to fall through a chute from the mouth.After fertilization, the egg case of division into 2 parts, each of which is hereinafter also divided in half, and so on.Due to this single layer is formed multicellular ball.

Some of the cells of the bulb is inside that can be compared with the click of a rubber ball.Because of this, there is a two-layered embryo.

It can float due to the large number of cilia, which are located on its outer side.The embryo then becomes a larva, called planuly.For some time it simply floats, and then falls to the bottom.It is attached to the bottom front end.Fast enough rear end planuly transformed: in this place there is the mouth and tentacles are formed.And it becomes a polyp, which later formed small jellyfish.

Interesting facts

jellyfish Aurelia is often used in medicine.From it in the Middle Ages produced laxatives and diuretics.And today from the venom, which is contained in the tentacles of animals develop means for controlling the pressure and the treatment of various lung diseases.

Farmers Caribbean States Physalia poison used as a poison for rodents.

Jellyfish can effectively cope with stress.They are bred in Japan in special tanks.Slow, gentle movements soothe people's animals, while keeping them very troublesome, and not cheap.

isolated from jellyfish phosphors used for biochemical analysis.They transplanted genes of different animals, such as rodents, due to what the biologists were able to see with their own eyes previously inaccessible processes.Because of this action in rodents began to grow their hair green.

Some jellyfish are caught off the coast of China, where they removed the tentacles, and the carcasses contained in the marinade, whereby the animal turns into a cake of thin, delicate, translucent hryaschik.In the form of cakes animals are transported to Japan, where they were carefully selected for quality, color and size, and used in cooking.Thus, for a salad jellyfish cut into small strips of width 3 mm, they are mixed with herbs, stewed vegetables, and then poured sauce.

There were jellyfish robots.They, in contrast to the real animals, not only nice and slow swim, but they can "dance" with the desire of the owner to the music.

Conclusion Although the jellyfish Aurelia is a very common, it is usual to call it impossible.In principle, this is a very curious creatures, therefore, monitor them, and their contents will be very exciting.