Growing strawberries from seed, and that is remontant strawberries

Growing strawberries - the process fascinating and difficult at the same time.On the one hand you need to make a lot of effort that strawberries beginning to bear fruit, but on the other - so nice to enjoy good results.A method for growing strawberries is more - breeding mustache, dividing the bush, and seeds.The easiest way to propagate mustache difficult - seeds.But this does not mean that the cultivation of strawberries from seed - an impossible mission.It is enough to observe a few simple recommendations.

Growing strawberries from seed

That all went well, for planting is best to choose high-quality varieties of strawberries.Growing strawberries from seed might look like:

· First, you need to grow a seedling.This can be done either in a greenhouse or in housing conditions, put her in a box filled with good breeding ground.The soil should be well watered and wait until water is absorbed.Then, on the surface of the seeds must be expanded, not falling asleep their land.On top of the box is neces

sary to put a glass or film, thereby creating greenhouse conditions.Box put in a warm place.When will the shoots, cover removed, and rearranged the box on the window sill, if he had previously stood there.2-3 When will this leaf, the seedlings need to dive in pots or cups.Seedlings should not be lack of moisture and sunlight.

· grown up and became strong seedlings can safely transplanted in an open ground.To do this, you first need to prepare the ground.Growing strawberries from seed can begin in the fall and spring.Prerequisite for planting - open unshaded areas, as the sun's heat and light will play an important role in the further development of the strawberries.It will be nice if the seedlings before planting in open ground, the soil will be tested for the presence of larvae of the May beetle and wireworms.Also, the ground should be cleaned from the roots of weeds.Further care for strawberries will be reduced to weeding, fertilizing, and timely watering.

· Growing strawberries from seeds collected on its own and not bought in a store - is also a good option.What is important is the right to assemble and prepare the seed.When the strawberries will be ready, choose the biggest and strong berries, cut them gently peel blade, grind and dry in the sun.After that, the seeds must be separated from the pulp, put them into a paper bag and store in a dry place at room temperature.Properly dried and stored seeds can be stored up to 3-4 years.

Growing strawberry remontant

remontant - this is not the way to breeding strawberries, and its special kind.Remontant strawberries is of two types: small-fruited and large-fruited.From all other varieties of strawberry remontant differs than one season can bear fruit more than two times, while ordinary garden - just once.Remontant strawberries first crop gives a little, and the period of maturation comes at a time when conventional varieties ripen.Then the berries ripen throughout the summer and fall, in other words, as long as no frosts begin.Disembarks remontant strawberries and a little different: the distance between seedlings depends on how a particular variety can form a mustache.The greater this ability, the correspondingly higher distance.The average distance - 50-55 cm. Period planting - autumn or spring.Remontant strawberries likes nutritious soil, so the soil before planting is necessary to make fertilizer (potassium nitrate, superphosphate).Caring for such an ordinary strawberries: Removal of whiskers, weeding and watering.Speaking of the latter, it must be abundant, especially at a time when they begin to fill with berries.