How to curl your hair without a curling iron and hair curlers: small women's tricks

Every girl wants to look perfect always, in all circumstances, and beautifully laid hairstyle - is the calling card of every woman.But what if for some reason you did not have at hand the special styling and haircuts can not be without?How to curl your hair without a curling iron and hair curlers?Of course, no hopeless situations.And in this case, get a charming curls or ringlets volume is possible.You need only connect the imagination and show some skills in hairdressing.

curls for long hair

If you are the owner of long hair, the hairstyle you always do effortlessly.It is not necessary to devote more hours to wrap strands tongs or uncomfortable to walk with curlers.You may ask: "How to curl hair without curling irons and hair curlers?" Hairstyle can be built in several ways.The simplest and most effective is banal braiding at night.If one braid (two) or braids, that is more difficult, spike, we obtain beautiful waves along the entire length.5-9 small braided pigtails, you can achieve what hairsty

le will look more lush.For best results, braid hair and freshly scrubbed little wet.To fix the hair, the hair can be unwound sprinkle with hairspray.

solve the problem of how to curl hair without curling irons and rollers and can be another effective way home.Perhaps find a few white sheets of paper to anyone not be difficult, even if you're away from home.Cut the sheets in half and twist your desired amount of tube-bobbins.Divide hair into strands and wind the bobbin.Tie the ends of "rollers" each other or fix a curl elastic bands can be invisible.The more bobbins, the more magnificent is your hairstyle.

If the above methods do not suit you, you can use another advice how to curl hair without curling irons and hair curlers.You need to have a few pins to fix.Divide the hair into small strands, depending on the number of pins.Drum lock myself in the finger and carefully remove the curl, prischeplyaya invisible.Thus are doing and other strands, fixing them as possible reliable.Do not be afraid that your head will like "lamb" - the curls will fall under the weight of the total hair.Combed toothed comb, they will settle in nicely uncomplicated hairstyle.

makes styling for short hair

What can be done with short hair curlers for large if there are no locks?Output is always there.Well, wash your hair with shampoo.Apply mousse to damp strands or styling gel and comb comb to evenly distribute the funds through the hair.Next, using a round brush and a hot hair dryer makes styling, well prosushivaya wound on the brush strands.After comb the hair in the mirror and you will see a well-groomed head with beautiful styling.

course, special means for hair styling, we are more acceptable.And no matter how gentle they may be (famous trademark hair curling or large curls, the price is also impressive), hair from their use is not easier.Therefore, hairdressers recommend from time to time to give hair a "vacation" and not to injure their tongs or hot air stream.But if you are bored with straight hair, resort to our advice.