Magnesite plate.

Magnesite plate (it is of glass or sheet steklomagnezitovy) Today is a very common position of the leaf category of building and construction materials for interior and exterior use.The unique characteristics of the material (vlogo- and fire resistance, structural strength, environmental friendliness, versatility, ease of operation) make its application justified by a growing number of areas during the finishing work on construction sites, for repairs and renovations of office, residential and industrial projects.

dwell on some of the features mounting plates magnesite.

Mounting plates magnesite produced by the same technology as the installation of gypsum boards.

At the time of installation of a magnesium plate is recommended to remember the following points:

  • Magnesite plate at the time of installation should always be dry.
  • When installing in cold weather before installation magnesite stove should be placed in a heated room and stay there sufficient time for the purchase of materials ambient te
    mperature, and only then allowed to work with the material.
  • When using magnesite mounting plate in ventilated facades is necessary to use a plate with a density below 1000 kg / m3.Subsequent painting of a plate should be done Exterior acrylic paints or other breathing.
  • When mounting plate magnesite recommended technological gap between the sheets should be half the thickness of the sheet.
  • Mount magnesite slab is most convenient to carry out the knurled screws on the inner side of the head for samorazzenkovki with double thread.
  • magnesite plate is cut on a smooth, solid surface, putting the plate facing up.For these purposes, it is best to use a jigsaw.When the lack of a jigsaw operation can be performed with the help of the construction of the knife: using long metal ruler to make a deep incision with a knife and break off a leaf in the opposite direction from the notch.After that you can clean up the edges of a large sandpaper.
  • Places fastening screws and technological gap between the plates must be putty putty acrylic, silicone or cement base.After grouting construction must be primed and process gidrofibiziruyuschey impregnation.

not recommended to paint magnesite slab water resistant paints.Magnesite plate as "breathable" material in the absorption of moisture from the air at the time of her return when dry will "undermine" the paint off the board.It is best to use a color magnesite slab vapor-permeable paint.Recommended facade can be water-based or volume elastomeric paint.The advantage of the latter is that they inhibit micro-cracks up to 2 mm and hide minor irregularities.

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