Where to get a loan if all denied .Where to get a loan in Murmansk , Novokuznetsk , Izhevsk , Chelyabinsk ?

Credit - this is a very convenient service ever invented by man.Undoubtedly, it is expensive and is always fraught with additional costs.However, it allows a bank loan to buy the object, service or item, the purchase of which own money is not enough.But what to do and where to get a loan if all denied?

Why do you refuse to banks: The first reason

To get started is to learn about the possible causes, due to which you are denied and financial institutions.So, one of the most common is not commensurate with the amount of your income.In this case it is necessary to understand that before a lender will agree to give you the required loan, he analyzes the amount of your income.As a general rule, it includes the personal income is not only the borrower, but also all family members living with them in one housing.

Thus this amount is deducted from the cost of utilities, taxes and other expenses.The result is the amount that a potential borrower can afford.So, if it is lower than the one that wants to

get credited to the person, it is quite clear and the refusal of the bank.As a result, the borrower applies for the same question a second, a third financial institution again received a negative response.And of course, without knowing the reason, he starts to worry where to get a loan if all denied.

second reason: the lack of a stable source of income

second reason may be hiding in an unstable source of income customer.This refers to potential borrowers who do not work anywhere officially.That is, it can be the builders and contractors performing project work, freelancers, artists with irregular fees and so on. D.

Most often such people refuse to grant a loan or agree to an amount less than required.Also, the term of such a loan can be reduced, and as a guarantee bank advises to attract more reliable guarantors to provide collateral or purchase insurance.Therefore, not to puzzle over where to take the credit, if all fail, you must initially determine the cause of failure.And of course, it is worth considering the alternatives proposed by the representative of the credit institution.

Reason Three: untrustworthy age

Another reason for the borrower leaves the bank with nothing is not creditworthy age.For example, to issue a loan at most banks is possible since 21-23 years (at least - 18).If you are younger than the specified minimum, then you 100% of the refuse.

The same applies to the elderly, retired.At the time of signing the loan agreement they should be no more than specified in the rules of the bank maximum.For example, in Sberbank of Russia may apply for a loan and physical persons from 21 to 65 years."Bank of Moscow" provides loans to borrowers in the age between 21 and 70 years.This also can be attributed to a mismatch with any requirements of the credit institution, such as your work experience of less than six months, and on the last job you worked less than a year, and so on. N. If all of the above - about you, you should think about where to getloan if all denied.But more on that later.

Reason Four: spoiled history

Perhaps the most important point to which pay attention to the creditors, is to have impeccable credit reputation.That is, the borrower is obliged to follow all the rules prescribed in the loan agreement does not violate the terms of the monthly payment, make money only in strictly defined sequence and amount.

And, accordingly, if the borrower has violated the rules established by the Bank, its credit history will be damaged.This means that a lender rarely agree to deal with unscrupulous client.

Where to alternative credit in Murmansk?

So, where to get a loan if all denied?In Murmansk, suppose it makes sense to take out a loan, not only in the bank, but also in non-bank organizations.For example, it may be an MFI (microfinance institution).What are the advantages of this treatment?

Firstly, representatives MFI more loyal to their customers, in contrast to banks.Secondly, the procedure for registration and obtain a loan in such non-profit institutions tend to simplify.Here and get the loan money only on the passport and do not require a deposit and the first installment, attraction guarantors.Third, almost every MFI acts peculiar system of loyalty.It would increase the amount of the loan for the client, if he had time to prove itself on the positive side after the first loan.

For example, in Murmansk acts such company as "Tsentrofinans."It provides micro-loans of between $ 1000 and up to 50 000 rubles for a period of one and up to 90 days.The size of the overpayment for such loans is approximately 0.5-1% per day.Age of the borrower at the time of registration must be between 21 and 75 years.

Where to get a loan if all denied: Novokuznetsk Novokuznetsk

also operate non-banks, ready to give their prospective borrowers short-term cash loans.For example, micro-credit for up to 21 days and in the amount of 1000 to 15 000 are available in "SMSfinans."

Submit an online application form on the website of the organization can be borrowers, whose age is at least 18, and the maximum - 70 years.The size of the overpayment the day on such a microloan is - 0,90-1,74% per day.

Where can I take a microloan in Izhevsk?

If you do not know where to get a loan if all denied in Izhevsk, note the following IFIs:

  • «Tsentrofinans."
  • «borrow money."
  • «SMSfinans."
  • «Vebbankir."
  • «Money Man".
  • «Kredito24» and others.

For example, if you have turned 21, the MFI "Money loan" can be issued a loan in the amount of from 5 000 to 100 000 for the period from 2 to 24 weeks.Size overpayments will be 1% per day.

Where to get the money in Chelyabinsk?

have not figured out where to get a loan if all fail, in Chelyabinsk?Pay attention to the MFO "The money will be!", Which will decide on the loan for half an hour, and with a positive response provides micro loans worth 5 000 or 70 000 for the period between 14 and up to 365 days.Size overpayment thus equals 0.3-1.8% per day.Borrowers of the organization, according to the regulations of the company, can become citizens in the age between 21 and 70 years.

addition, Chelyabinsk there are other organizations that can give you a loan.Among them - the smart company "your money" organization "Platiza.ru" MFO "Lime-loan", "Ferratum Russia" and others.

In short, there is an alternative to bank loans.We can only make the right choice in favor of a particular company.