term "psychological harmony" is close to the euphoric state of mind in which a man combines the basic elements of harmony: the unity of the soul, body and mind.In addition to these three components, the individual is harmonious in relation to oneself, others and the world.But what is harmony, what it shows and how to find this delightful state?

concept of harmony

human body clothed in physical form, except that there is also an internal component - the soul, often do not match their external parameters.Achieving harmony means peace of mind, finding a balance between the two elements of human life, when a person feels confident and calm, positive attitude toward others and accepts the world as it is.Equally important is the unity of body and soul with the mind.After all, these elements make the harmony of man happy without wealth and accepted by society stereotypes, free from immediate problems and hardships.The very same term "harmony" appeared in the psychology of aesthetics, where it means unity,

inner peace, order and subordination of parts to the whole.

Harmony body

order to achieve harmony of the body, is necessary to maintain physical health and meet their physical needs for food, love, sports, clothes, communication to maintain a normal life.In the rapid whirl of modern life in the pursuit of the list of wealth, people often forget to take care of your body.The result of such carelessness becomes a disease, depression and stress, which are mastering your body will not allow him to achieve the desired harmony.Particularly susceptible to ailments people spend a lot of time behind the wheel, computer, a little move and work in stuffy offices.Exercise, achieve their goals, to carry the dream, trying not to indulge in pleasures.Your body, which primarily reflected the hardships of life and sickness, delivers negative signals the soul and mind, distancing you from the elements of harmony.Therefore it is very important to find the right balance between the desires and capacities, and strictly adhere to it.

Mind Harmony Mind

should also help to achieve your goals.It is your mind, coupled with abilities, skills, and abilities, it helps implement plans.If you are forced to engage in business unloved, to step in something by yourself, and if your dreams are too far from the reality in the mind may be fatal imbalance.
man in such cases becomes angry with himself and others, he is constantly irritated and dissatisfied.After all, from the peace of mind and depend on qualities such as kindness in people, empathy, compassion and optimism.The main reason for harmony - it is your sustainable development as a person.Mind, feelings, aspirations, knowledge and skills must be subordinated to a single goal.And all the difficulties and actions related to its achievement, will be only joy, because you strive for their dreams, and hence to harmony.

Harmony Soul Harmony

soul is usually associated with the acquisition of love, the ability to perform noble deeds, to do anything for the sake of their loved ones.Implementation of all of your best qualities, sincerity, honesty, respect for others, help someone you know - this is the perfection of your soul and the right path to finding harmony.A man comes to this world to become better and to change others.No man is as strong and his soul is unexplored, what it is really capable of, and what features does.Fortitude enables us to cope with trials, to survive in difficult situations, to preserve the best features, while not lowering the level of development.The soul itself will find the right harmony, just do not let her in this.

Only you are free to disassemble particles of your soul and find out how strong elements of harmony in you.And decide whether to chase after material goods to the detriment of the health and emotional balance.Let in the harmony of life is easy, it will have to radically change the course of its existence, but the peace of mind and happiness, waiting for you at the destination, with more than compensate for the distance traveled.