Installation - what's that?

There are words that have not one but several meanings.For example, the word installation - what's that?What exactly do they mean?Sometimes we hear that somewhere there was an exhibition, which presented the installation of a certain artist, and then, when you install software on your computer, see the inscription on the "Installation Program".Call home Wizard to replace plumbing and again we hear from him the mysterious word installation;We are looking for work on the Internet and suddenly stumble on such areas as the installation and service of ... Well, just my head is spinning from this versatile word!Meanwhile, everything is simple and clear, if you know its value.

meaning of installation

installation - a word borrowed from English.Open English-Russian dictionary, we find there installation and read what the term stands for.Translated into Russian, it sounds like a setup.Well, it is now much clearer why the installation is applicable to the replacement of the toilet or installing software.The t

ruth here with art exhibitions again some hitch turns out ... But it is only at first glance.On the art we will talk in more detail, but in the meantime, in order to fix in memory the meaning of the installation, to sum up a little: the word installation is "set" and can be used to indicate various actions in different spheres of human activity (construction, programming,plumbing, and so on. d.).

Art installations

Now understand, what does installation has to artistic creativity.The art installation - a spatial composition, original art object created from various, sometimes very unexpected, parts, household items and elements.It's a whole philosophy!Creating their installation, the artists are forced to look at ordinary things quite differently, they open their new symbolic functions.

believed that the founders of this art form are the surrealists.Admirers of one of the founders of surrealism of Salvador Dali knows what magnificent and unexpected installation was able to create this master.His work to this day is for many contemporary artists keen on the genre of installation, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

How and from what subjects are art installations?

Artists installers can use for their creative works absolutely any objects and materials.Installation - is above all creativity and flight of fancy.Here reigns the association and the work of the subconscious.For example, recently on the famous Christie's auction for 4.3 million dollars was sold works by the artist Tracey Emin England.To learn how to look this installation, it is best to tell the photo.

We see that this is a work of art is a untidy unmade bed, around which scattered debris and various household items.And one of the modern installations Florentine sculptor Hoffman as a giant rabbit lying in the grass Hare Island in St. Petersburg.But not all art objects in this genre are so frankly shocking and scandalous harkter.Many modern installations look very harmoniously and meet the highest aesthetic standards.

Light installation

In recent years all over the world became particularly popular light installations.These unusual art objects are in many capitals and major cities of the planet.

glowing objects of various shapes and colors give the city streets and squares fantastic festive look.Apparently this art form have a great future.