Wall Tsoi.

Victor R. Choi was born on June 21, 1962.His hometown - Leningrad.He founded the legendary rock band "Cinema", which was the leader.Choi was playing the guitar, composing lyrics and music sang.Also, he was able to try his hand as an actor, he has played several roles in the movie.August 15, 1990 an accident, which resulted in Victor died.His relatives in the day and did not know that soon will be based Wall Tsoi, which will become a place of pilgrimage for many young people.

Examination and funeral

musicians do not drink alcoholic beverages before his death.It was established that he did not drink anything like this for the past two days.The cells of his brain were taken for examination, and it turned out that he just fell asleep while driving, most likely from exhaustion.The death of the famous rock performer shocked the great number of his fans.Some fans even committed suicide.More than one thousand people attended a funeral ceremony musician.

base of the wall, the reaction of the fans

Wall Tsoi Krivoarbatsky located at the intersection of the alley and the Arbat, it refers to the building №37.In a sense it can be considered a monument to the great man, who is now the idol of many music lovers.Every day fans flocking here Tsoi, singing songs from his repertoire, write on the wall of his love for his work.There is always a lot of people.The date of foundation of the monument can be considered in 1990, when the musician died.Unknown man left on the wall inscription "Choi alive!", And his example was followed by many fans of Victor.Fans mourned with bitter tears the death of an idol, met in the afternoon near the wall, standing on the Arbat.They are day and night listening to the songs of the "Cinema", hung in their rooms portraits of Choi.A photograph of a musician, the same one that was at the concert dedicated to his memory, which was held in the fall, and then put against the wall.There is also an ashtray in which fans and the artist is left prikurennye Undercut cigarettes.

vandalism, action in defense of the walls

People can not forget Victor, because he was a really talented musician, poet and artist.A team of "Cinema" can rightly be called a cult, and as such it did exactly Choi.Fans often reviewing movies with Victor, as he was a very gifted actor.In general, nature has generously endowed him with talents.In 2006, vandals painted over a wall.However, after some time the fans have given her previous form.In 2009, young people who are in the movement "Young Guards" and "Local", staged, during which they expressed their opinion that the wall paint in any case impossible.The fact that this is what the authorities set out to do.Fortunately, this did not happen, the wall Choi survived.But for how long?

Dissatisfaction with officials, the proposal to remove the wall

Authorities metropolitan area still resent what is happening near the wall.Therefore, many expect the fear that this monument, on which fans every day something to write about to be dismantled.Officials are unhappy that, in addition to the wall, inscribed with all the surrounding houses.Indeed, the way it is.In addition, some of the inscriptions have nothing to Choi.On the wall and around you notice the following message: "Greetings from Mordovia", "Congratulations", "Lena, I love you."Even fans often resent this.Viktor Tsoi Wall should contain an inscription dedicated to him alone.Otherwise it has obtained some mindless vandalism.

Officials believe that the wall should migrate into the global network, or to some other place.Also, they offer to transfer her to St. Petersburg, because it is the birthplace of Tsoi, where he spent his childhood.

contrary view

But some powers categorically disagree.They believe that it is now impossible to imagine without this wall Arbat.It is a tourist attraction, it can be compared with a monument in honor of Bulat Okudzhava.If you remove the wall, the street will no longer be as attractive destination for many Muscovites and tourists.And now people every day an endless string of rush on Arbat.Wall Tsoi attracts, especially young people.

Virtual Wall

Fans of the legendary musician's fear that the monument will be demolished once, so they want to make a copy of it on the Internet.Elena Aseeva lead the process - a talented sculptor.

In the past year has been much talk about the fact that it is time to clean the wall.Therefore, a site dedicated to Victor Tsoi - not a bad idea, he will keep the memory of it.He will love the fans.Wall, located on the Internet, has some advantages compared to the real one.All inscriptions, for example, will remain there forever.But in the case of a real wall it is hardly possible, because the Vandals daubed them regularly, as well as officials.Unfortunately, these people can not ban such barbaric acts.

Tsoi Wall in the northern capital, the collection of signatures

the summer of 2009 in the northern capital appeared Tsoi wall, similar to the one that is located in the capital Arbat.It is situated on Nevsky Prospect.

In 2009, celebrated 19 years since the death of rock musician.In connection with this date near the cinema called "Aurora" was installed stand, which reach heights of six meters.It every fan of the musician could write something.Also, signatures were collected: people wanted to name the leader of the group "Kino" was included in the list of Hall of Fame rock n 'roll.It is located in the USA, in the city of Cleveland.It should be noted that so far there are no Russian names.


Shortly thereafter, in the "Aurora" was shown premiere by Alexei Uchitel, entitled "The Last Hero".The film should have been released in theaters in 1992, which marks two years since the death of Victor Tsoi, but work on it has been stopped, and then he does get lost somewhere in the Documentary Film Studio, which is located in the northern capital.This picture tells the story of what it means to the legendary musician for us as responding to his work our souls.And he is still in the hearts of many fans, and this is evidenced by the wall Tsoi.Moscow - is not the only place where there should be a monument, and it is good that people have understood it.

The tape has footage devoted to the walls, founded in honor of the musician.After the death of the idol of young people such monuments have appeared in many towns of Russia.

film company called "Nevafilm Emotion» carried out the restoration of phonograms, as well as images, painting transferred to a digital format.Shortly thereafter, the tape has been shown in many cities of our country, Kazakhstan and Latvia.Wall Tsoi, a photo of which you see before you, contributed to the fact that many are interested, and film.He looked at a lot of people.

Theological cemetery

talented artist, who died in a road accident on Aug. 15, 1990, buried in the Theological cemetery in St. Petersburg, the fence is too long turned into a kind of wall of his memory.On the day of the death of Victor fans come here from across the country.But the wall Tsoi in Peter collects around himself even more people.