What is the name Elena

Ever since ancient times, the name attached great importance.It was believed that it affects the nature and destiny of man.People in all countries a very responsible attitude to his choice.Many names were considered lucky charms.One of them - the name Elena.Meaning it is quite contradictory.

What is the name of Elena?

It comes from Greek and means "chosen", "sun", "bright".There is a version that it comes from the word "helios" meaning sun.This name was a symbol of beauty and femininity.According to legend, Helena was considered the most beautiful woman and this was the cause of the Trojan War.According to another version - it is derived from the ancient name of Selena, which means moon.But the name and description of the quality of its carriers do not support this theory.Although the character of Ellen often coexist opposite qualities: the excitability, activity, ie solar features, and susceptibility, isolation - lunar features.

Therefore since childhood Elena is very impressionable, but calm and

affectionate.With close emotional and very trusting.Parents need to know what is the name of Elena, because this girl really needs is to be loved, if she does not feel, can be closed and stubborn.Learn these children are basically weak, because a little lazy, sloppy and like to postpone the case for tomorrow.Often punctuality and lack of initiative.But if parents can help them cope with these qualities, they can learn well, because they have a very good memory, a good imagination and a keen sense of beauty.But most of these qualities do not lead to good grades, and to the fact that Elena live in a world of fantasies and dreams.They are very fond of fairy tales, especially about balls and princesses.They love all the beautiful and brilliant costumes and decorations.So addicted to needlework, trying to sew, knit jewelry and handicrafts.But, despite this, often change their interests and households are poor.Many are willing to settle for a minimum of Elena comfort and often sloppy.

Name Elena means that its carriers are emotional, always worried about the favorite characters of books and movies.But life is not really in a hurry to help, but very kind.And if a child they are compliant, subject to the authoritative and powerful people, when they grow up, become moody, vzbalamoshnymi and love to be admired.Often they have a lot of fans love to gamble, but are usually not married for love and family life is often miserable.These women are often jealous, but love capable of sacrifice.Elena can be lyubopyny, jealous and very touchy, and always try to punish the offender.

Yet that is the name of Elena?It is very emotional, so often chooses a creative profession, as well as the work of a psychologist, a translator.Because of its laziness it rarely achieves great success in the work.Although work and communicate with the people she loves.

Elena polozhitelnh many qualities: in the family, it can create an atmosphere of peace and comfort, very cheerful, talkative, optimistic and has a rich imagination.It easily fits in with any people and can adapt to any situation.

course, not all Elena possess these qualities.Much depends on education and human environment, the sign of the zodiac it.Also, the name does not affect the human self, and with the middle name and surname.And then, as a woman called pet names or nicknames, too, is important.Still, parents choose a name, it is advisable to know what is the name of Elena.