What to see in a dream wedding

wedding is perhaps one of the most beautiful and important events in life.Every girl dreams of a luxurious wedding dress and bridal bouquet.And if the young romantic lady had a dream in which she marries, is nothing strange in this.Dreaming only reflects her desires, secret or not.Well, if Mendelssohn's march long gone, or to tie the knot in the near future you do not plan, then this dream may be other interpretations.

In order to find out what to see in a dream wedding, try to turn to different sources.Most dream book believe that this dream promises big changes in life that can radically change the situation, but they are nice or not - depends on many circumstances.

So, take part in the celebrations - for unmarried really a good sign, it means that just around the corner and its own wedding.If you dream of a wedding married, they should wait for a quick recharge in the family.Funny wedding, if you invited her, promises a new acquaintance, possibly even fatal.Wedding procession to see - wait for g

ood news.Dance on gay marriage - soon to participate in the party.If you are present at the wedding of someone familiar, it may soon turn to you for help.Dream Interpretation advised not to deny this man, because in the future, and you might need his services.

However, most people turn to a specialist, ask: "What is a dream wedding in which my dreamed?" Dream book give different answers to this question.So, to be at the ceremony as the bride or groom - to great success, perhaps some of your current initiatives will receive recognition.In addition, it means that soon you will receive a difficult and important decision that will change your life, but the changes will be happy.Crowning a dream - a new acquaintance and joy.

If a woman dreams that she is secretly married, it expects a lot of gossip.If she decides to get married, the virtues it will be appreciated.If the parents do not approve of the choice, and then wait for life support from relatives is not necessary.I had a dream in which your lover marry another?You will experience causeless jealousy.And they say that to see his own wedding in a dream - to wait for bad news from loved ones, which are now far away.But if the guests happy and cheerful, and the news will be good.If you look in the dream book of Yuri Longo, what it means to see a wedding in a dream, that is, it indicates the dreamer's wish to tie the knot in real life, even if unconsciously.Married person's own wedding dreams to the fact that the relationship with the second half we should expect change.

But not all commentators so optimistic interpretation of this dream.Thus, the modern dream interpretation says that to see the wedding in a dream - to trouble and strife, dream interpretation Danilova predicts who saw the wedding very frank and unpleasant conversation with a similar special, which will affect your intimate relationships.Also, private wedding, according to the dream book, suggests that the relationship with the other half at an impasse, and to prepare for separation.But the most tragic events predicted dreamer Ukrainian dream book.If you believe it, the dream wedding for the funeral, to marry, including, and her husband - to death.Walking on gay marriage - to the deceased in the house.

different from other interpretations of dream interpretation gives Esoteric.He believes that the wedding in a dream - a harbinger of change in society.So, to see the triumph from afar - to unpleasant events in the country, but they are not affected by the dreamer.If you are taking part in the ceremony, and then the changes will affect you.

worth remembering that before really thought to see myself in a dream in her wedding dress a bad sign.Now, however, I prefer to see it as good.This dream is closely linked to events in the life of the dreamer, and, as practice shows, not always predicts the sad events.