Why dream of the snow?

«And what dreams snow?" I asked one morning, barely opening her eyes."Cold" - laughed at me - "You close the window at night, and even catch a cold!»

And for some reason I thought that the snow is not a dream just like that, especially in the midst of raging vengeance flowers in spring.And hardly groped foot warm and soft slippers, I shuffled to seek an answer to the dream book.

thumbed through several dream book, I found the whole dream is very positive, becauseSnow is a sign of purity, peace and harmony.To dream of white and fluffy flakes means that it's time to look at the world quite different eyes, and perhaps to begin to live a pure and white as snow, leaf.Snow dream is often also associated with virginity, and internal cleansing.

If you see the image on the eve of travel, the trip will take more than successful, and you are guaranteed success.Also, the snow often dream to assignation and favorable changes in life.

But if you've seen a huge amount of snow?Why dream of a lot of snow?- A lot

of interpretations.They say that the snowy white - a sign of wealth and prosperity, the blizzard will bring you in the future unexpected happy ending difficult cases.Snow caps on trees - good luck, and the sheltered white veil slopes - the harbingers of good news.If you dream you run and play in the snow, and maybe just decided to walk, enough to enjoy the quiet of nature, you will find a pleasant surprise.And if in a dream you're lucky enough to have time to wash or even wipe the snow, remember: in the near future, all your deepest desires fulfilled.

To properly solve the secret meaning of night dreams, you need to try, first, to remember all the good parts, and secondly, trying to decipher, to consider clarifying several sources.

Here, for example, why it is women who dream about snow?According to a special interpreter of dreams, intended solely for the weak half of humanity, sparkling in the sun white landscape says that if before the fortune was not favorable to you, now all likely to change for the better.Although against girls / girls / women snow is not always considered a good sign.Let's dwell on this point a little more.

So why snow dream woman?

  • dirty - a signal to what is necessary to try to subdue pride and come to terms with the vagaries of the arrogant enemy;
  • large flakes / game snowballs - a quarrel with their relatives;
  • ride a sleigh - to fight for the elect;
  • storm - disappointment and sadness;
  • lost in the snow - a bad dream, heralding a whole losing streak.

In Russia for a long time snow as weather phenomenon attached great importance.The snow on the fields protected from freezing field crops, and melting, fueled land reviver.Let us follow, what dreams snow in accordance with Russian folk dream book.In general, as one would expect on the basis of the values ​​of this phenomenon, it is a good sign boding profit, laughter, unexpected encounters and even a love tryst.Although ancient Russian interpreters and warn that snow falling, such as blooming flowers and green foliage, will result in failure, stupid quarrel and deceit.It seemed, well, that in such a fun and cheerful childhood favorite snowman, but if you manage to pull it off in a dream, think, perhaps, you do not have the time or the courage to carry out the planned and just now it's time to rethink their attitudes.

So, let's sum up.In general, except for some few moments, snow dreams to success, new beginnings, unexpected surprises and the implementation of desires.Sleep positive and joyful as the first long-awaited snowflakes slowly descend on the city with the arrival of the beautiful winter.