How to remove fat from the sides using a hula hoop?

Surely, you do not just have to notice, like a passing woman, really, by the way, is not thick, "hanging" fat on the sides.Or how the man literally falls out of its "belly" of the pants, and slide them all the time.Agree, it produces a feeling of revulsion.This phenomenon is quite possible to fight at home.

We will try to suggest how to remove fat from the sides of a man or woman to become slimmer, emphasize the waist and not be afraid to wear tight pants with the adjacent jumper.To help you be able to familiar childhood device.With it, you will find a solution - how to remove fat from the sides and belly.What else do you need?First of all, a desire to achieve the goal.Without it, you will not be able to help even qualified instructors.Understand that the waist - one of the most problematic areas, and skladki- "side" on it appeared that not only, or even the day before.So, to say goodbye to them, it will take time.

Remember how you cleverly twisted childhood hula-hoop.Go to the store and buy yourse

lf this device.Buying, give preference to the hoop with massage elements.If the last time you "tried on" hula hoop as a child, then do not take the hoop with spikes.Weight is also important.Beginners should take a hula-hoop and a half kilograms of weight, and those who had previously trained with a light wrap, you can select and heavier - up to two kilograms.

Before starting your workout, be sure to stretch.Stretch the muscles you need to do to prevent possible injury.Unprepared body hurt a lot easier.

stretching exercises: Stand up straight, breathe deeply three times.Now, inhaling, raise your hands through the sides up, and exhaling - falls while bending the knees slightly.Then, stand up straight, put your hands on the belt.Tilt the head in all directions rather slowly, to how to stretch the muscles.Then, without changing the position of the body, turn your head to the right and left sides, as if looking back.Then tilt the head to one side, trying to touch them.Each exercise, repeat ten times.Next - exercise for the hands.Pull them forward and cross your alternates, leaving the bottom left, then right.One by one or by two shoulders rotate back and forth.Turn the body on both sides, standing on the spot.To warm body is useful to rotate in one direction and then the other, then you can bring to the increment pelvis.Do 10-15 squats.Now we can say with confidence that a thorough warm-up can be carried out and engage directly with the main question: how to remove fat from the sides.Proceed to the exercises with a hoop.

If you want as quickly as possible to achieve results, then consider and describe below the seemingly minor nuances.Feet should be shoulder and had to be straight or slightly bent.Socks turn slightly outward.Wear wrap and gently start to rotate.Do this in a circular motion of hips and waist.These body parts have to be on their toes - they do not need to relax.Start classes with a hoop you need with continuous rotation for five minutes on each side.Be prepared for painful sensations in the first study and after.Experienced "rotators hoop" absolutely sincerely and strongly recommend not to take a break from training and not to wait until the bruises will be held at the waist.It is possible to hook anything tight on time, getting used to, it is possible to smear space bruises special ointment.

When the period of adjustment will take place, the rotation hoop will no longer cause pain and bruises will not appear.You will be able to engage in a short top.Thus, the hoop will massage the body tightly touching it, and then the effect will be greater.When you will feel that 10 minutes of rotation of the hoop - it is too small, increase the duration of employment.Needless to say - the result will not take long, if you're every day without stopping to turn the hoop thirty or forty minutes.Do not think that he would never be able to deal with for so long.Include an interesting movie - and the time will fly completely unnoticed, and fats in the body, meanwhile, will be incinerated.

Just do one of the rules of his life daily workout, and not far off the time when you begin rightly proud.Exercises with hula hoop - a great answer to the question - how to remove fat from the sides.This versatile trainer should be your assistant in the coming months.