How to become popular

Someone dreams of wealth, someone interested in science, and some people want to become popular.After all, popular man has a lot of advantages.He will know the company, he always manages to find a common language with other people, and in the new society rather quickly start dating.The life of such a person seems like a rainbow vortex, because people in this category has many different interests, and always have time to everywhere.Many of those who are looking for an answer to the question of how to become popular, most likely, simply satisfy their curiosity or follow a dream.Only a few have a real goal to become just such a man.And they are willing to make the effort to achieve it.

girl can think about how to become popular, to attract the attention of one man (which in this case may give a very different love warehouse).Popularity does not appear out of nowhere.In order to become such, sociable and indispensable in the company, we must learn to establish contacts.And the first step would have to do

it a popular man.After all, other people may be shy or just stick to his friends.

How to become popular if communication skills are very low?We need to develop them.For example, it has successfully done in special courses.And students professions such as journalists and sociologists continue to perfect these skills throughout his life.So do not be afraid of the unknown.Many people are hesitant to take the first step and get to know.A sociable person at the same time easy to establish contact.

The fact that those individuals who are afraid to speak first, constantly worried about what they think about the part.This fear is completely in vain, and even harmful.Before you become a popular person would have to cope with many phobias.Only changed, it is possible to achieve the goal.Popularity - is not synonymous with the word "leadership".Highest arise if necessary, and they are often just a company known people.But in order to become a leader in the group should be the goal to which he would be their guide.

popular person is not going to lead somewhere people.It may be agreeable or even a role model, but its function is different.Before you become popular, we should learn to be natural.Otherwise, instead of the reputation of "their" man can earn a reputation as poseur and crazy individual.The best way to be pleasant in a society without too much pathos - is humor.You can be a positive and fun, and it will attract others.However, you can not be popular, using mockery and vulgar humor.Self-irony - is also a good method that may allow to defuse the situation.

popular man does not hide their talents and hobbies, but bears while the share of mystery.His interests and hobbies can be unusual and even shocking.This does not mean that you should immediately run to the Serpentarium.You can practice yoga or some kind of art.On the ground, there is no person who would not have any talent.These qualities are the hallmark of the individual, and should be developed.How to become popular, if all this is no time?Maybe you should not become too famous?

Today is one of the most common methods of acquisition of popularity - a popularity on the Internet.For example, in social networks.Only such a process and takes a lot of time.After all, it will require sociability and management of the group, and ideally - blog.So, before you aspire to fame, it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons of the new status.Maybe the soul wants something else, not the vain glory and momentary pleasures?