How to get a patent for a job?

In order to find a job in another state, a person must obtain a patent for a job.It is a document, permitting stay in the country and to formalize in the workplace.Permission is granted the relevant executive authority, ie, the Federal Migration Service.

So, to get a patent on the work, foreign citizen will have to collect a lot of papers and certificates.The first step is to issue a statement requesting the issue of this document.Also, with a need to have a passport or other document proving your identity, which is recognized under the law in our country.You will also need a migration card, confirming legal entry to the territory of the Russian Federation with a note on crossing the border.

complete application is received from a citizen of another country and Migration Service under consideration.The executive body of state authority is obliged to render a decision on the essence of the application within ten days.A foreigner or a patent for the work, or refusal to recognize a compelling statem

ent of justification.This document may not be of unlimited duration and is usually given for a few months.The maximum period of its validity is three months, after which the extension is necessary.However, the legislation permits a limited number of renewals, so the function patent for a job in any case be less than a year.

foreign citizen does not have to apply each time the migration service for the extension of a document, you simply pay the income tax on individuals in the desired period.If this action has not been made, the document shall be deemed invalid on the following day.At the same time in a year to a foreigner who wishes to continue to live and work in our country, you must apply to the Migration Service for registration of the new authorization.In this case, also have to submit a certificate of payment of the above taxes.

Many people arriving in another country are wondering about such a patent need to work for foreigners.Of course, in today's world there are many organizations involved in illegal employment.It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the wages the employee having no permissive documents will be several times underestimated.In addition, the approved regulations according to which the absence of patent relies certain punishment.For the first time the citizen of another country is punishable administrative nature.Depending on the degree of guilt is assigned amount of the fine.Often, its value varies from two to five thousand.As well as the competent authorities have the right to expel a foreigner outside of our state.If an individual has been deported, then visit Russia next time it will be possible not earlier than five years.

If the administrative penalty to work the patent was not issued, the relevant executive body of state power immediately closes the foreigner entering the country for at least three years.