House territory - what does it include?

House territory - a definite area of ​​land attached to a building.Moreover, this area can be not only private housing but also in the apartment building.In particular, the house territory, attached to a multi-family building, does not belong to a separate apartment, floor or entrance, and around the house as a whole and even more homes.

the requirements for this area are many: urban planning, health, social, hygienic, and others.It is also important and fire requirements, according to which the territory is organized in the strictest manner.Areas which are located in the local area, - a playground, walkways and driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, plantings, and more.

Dimensions adjoining areas set determined by the position of urban planning, that is, house territory can not be defined independently.The main role in determining the size of the actual playing area of ​​the neighborhood or quarter, the amount of space occupied by residential areas, as well as the presence of the other apartments and

(secondary) factors (sidewalks, parking lots, farm buildings, etc.).

local area, standards which have been determined by relevant documents, available to all.If it refers to the house number eight, it does not mean that the residents of neighboring houses have no right to bring their children on the playground are available here.Naturally, to build a garage or other structure, you can not.

assigned to home house territory implies the existence of additional costs for the residents of the main building.This is stated in the Federal Law "On Enactment of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation."The share, which is your very own, that is, the one for which you are responsible and must pay the costs of its content is determined in accordance with the area of ​​the dwelling that you occupy.There are pluses in this setting - the possibility to rent, and it is better to do useful work and the children's playground and a parking lot.

House territory of a private house is determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation as the land, which is attached to the building.Of course, the charms of their own, and not much more friendly ownership.You can in good conscience use the attached portion at its discretion - to break a beautiful lawn, flower garden equip and increase the area of ​​the main building by extension large veranda and put various buildings at its discretion.There is no need to worry about that any tenant dishonerable throw garbage near the house or ruin all plantings.And the important fact is that this type of investment neobestsenivaemy that does not deteriorate over the years, but only adds to the cost.Naturally, this is absolutely not applicable to local area of ​​apartment buildings where tenants are constantly changing, and sometimes have to deal with dishonesty and uncleanliness neighbors.