Motivation for life.

What is the motivation for life?Now, many publications are trying to answer this question.Moreover, some of them have even given clear instructions that can help in the search for self-motivation.But this theme is popular not only among the print media.On the Internet there are many sites devoted to the self-motivation.Not surprisingly, many began to wonder whether the motivation for life can help to achieve the objectives?

What is the motivation?

To begin to understand what exactly is the motivation of a human life?It should be noted that there are many definitions of the word, but none of them can be fully articulated.It's the same as trying to reveal the full depth of love, relying solely on words.Yet the effort is worthwhile.

Motivation - a mysterious force that drives a person to certain actions.At the same time it can be a source of both internal and external factors.Under the influence of motivation, people are starting to be more active, going straight for his goal.No wonder that many ar

e trying to learn how to stimulate your own mind, using tools such as self-control and motivation.For the good life is very important skills that can strengthen willpower.


Each author in his own way describes this phenomenon, breaking it into specific groups.Yet among all the different versions can be traced clear pattern.Using it as a template, there are two basic types of motivation:

1. Extrinsic motivation.In this case the person to induce a specific action of external factors.Say it the speaker, calling to change your life for the better.Or the possibility of a raise, if a person for some time to work harder.Also in this category can be attributed to negative factors.So, people, learning about their own disease, will be motivated to conduct a correct way of life, so as not to aggravate their situation.

2. Intrinsic motivation.There activating factor will own feelings and moral values.For example, a person begins to engage in sports in order to pay off a feeling of inferiority.Or irrepressible passion for knowledge may force scientists to work for days on end, forgetting about everything.

Why is the motivation?

Lack of motivation in life is in itself very badly.Such people do not seek special achievements, and not laid out to its fullest in the work.This is bad both for the individual and for the organization that sheltered him.

That is why many companies are trying to motivate their employees.For this, they introduce a nice bonus in the form of awards, titles, travel and so on.In particular, this is even a special position - Manager of Human Resources.

addition to operating torque needed motivation and personal life, for example, not to give up halfway to the target.Any athlete will tell you that without the stimulus can not be reached any heights.As without a good motivation to become a specialist, for example, in the field of IT-technology, because it needs to deepen their knowledge on a regular basis?Therefore, motivation is needed as at the beginning and at the end.It motivates to action, support in difficult moments, and gives strength to the last spurt.

meaning of life and motivation: money, health and great achievements

According to psychologists, the motivation for life is needed in order to not extinguished the desire to achieve any success.Indeed, without such a person wins, sooner or later there is depression, which is detrimental to his mental state.And to avoid this problem, you should regularly engage themselves.

main thing - to decide on what is more important for a man.So, for one, it can be healthy, the second - the money, and the third and all wished to fly into space.After that, find the most cost effective way of motivation, and it should be noted here that there are plenty of them.

motivation for a healthy lifestyle

should start with health, since this topic is very relevant in today's world.More and more people are seeking to get the perfect figure, improve health, cure disease and so on.This can be attained only by devoting himself to a healthy lifestyle.

But embarked on this path, many people realize that it is very difficult.Daily exercise, proper nutrition and avoiding bad habits will require a tremendous effort.And here is the motivation can not do without, so it is a lot of literature and videos focused on how to find it.

So, how to motivate yourself to a healthy lifestyle?

  1. realize the importance of this venture.After all, if you do not start to take care of yourself now, then later it may be too late.
  2. Find a flaws that can be corrected with the help of healthy lifestyles.For example, to remove the fat folds, treat gastritis, get rid of shortness of breath and so on.
  3. Choose interesting kind of training.For example, one like running, the second - tennis, and others are crazy about swimming.
  4. learn new recipes for delicious dishes based on healthy products.Thus, the interest of something new will help to overcome the attachment to the old diet.
  5. Watch video about what makes nicotine and alcohol from the body.Nothing motivates better than the contemplation of the consequences of their own evil.

motivation for success

own business, extra income, an increase of work - all part of a successful life.In order to achieve good results in this area need to be one step ahead of their competitors.Therefore, the motivation for life, not burdened with financial difficulties, it is important in this case.

What could be an incentive for success?

  1. First of all plunge into the world of dreams.Imagine what would be a life in which you can afford anything: a big house, a nice car, tours to the most scenic places on the planet.And not just a list in my head all this, and feel, as far as practicable, and then the desire to succeed will itself.
  2. Explore stories of successful people.They will be a good example of how to achieve the desired.In addition, they are motivated by self-fulfillment.
  3. Learn envy.Let them say that it is bad, but that's the envy engenders a desire to outdo the other, becoming a head taller than him.

How to maintain motivation?

Perhaps the most difficult - is to maintain motivation for a long time.Indeed, over time its strength begins to fade, and what makes the heart flutter yesterday, today is useless.So do not dwell on the already developed methods of self-motivation.We must look for alternative sources of inspiration.It may be new books, films, reports, or even fresh thoughts in my head.The only way to achieve harmony itself and keep the force that causes the moving Vered, in spite of all obstacles.